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February 28, 2011

I just spent two weeks in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Malta. I ate gelatos, pizzas, pastas and drank lots of wine. It was a GREAT trip. We were on a cruise ship so you can only imagine the temptations everywhere. I started each day with my routine breakfast of eggwhites and oatmeal. During lunch (if we weren’t at port) I would have some salad with some protein and bread. Of course, I would snack here and there throughout the day…sometimes I would eat a some gummi bears or some treats I picked up at a market place. At dinner, we indulged in some wine, bread and whatever they served for dinner…which for me was usually a salad and broth based soup, then some lean protein with veggies and a bit of whatever carbohydrate was on the plate. For Dessert I usually splurged on half of whatever they served me and opted for sherbet based ice creams.

On days at sea I worked out – on all the days at sea! I usually ran or did stairclimbing. I also added weight training, which made my whole session last about an hour. Afterwards I would write and reflect…I found that to be the best time for me to really do some quality thinking. On days at port I didn’t have time to exercise because we walked ALL day long. It was fun and I absolutely loved the new places we visited. I LOVE to travel and explore. I love trying new foods, seeing different cultures, visiting old architectures and meeting new friends. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime. And a MUCH needed break from my day to day grind.

We returned on Friday at midnight (meaning that the next day would be Saturday) – as soon as we arrived I was up and going…getting my sons haircut (they stayed behind with grandparents), going grocery shopping, attending a meeting and unpacking. Sunday was a less eventful day with us staying home ALL day long – cleaning, unpacking, doing laundry…I really needed that Sunday because I knew that once Monday I arrived, I would be up and going all week long. There are so many things that hit me right when I arrived…from the bills, to paperwork, to meetings –

SO, now it is Monday morning at approximately 9:08am. I woke up at 5:06am (without my alarm! I thought I set it an didn’t go off…but I still got up at the right time anyways!) I trained at the gym. I didn’t want to push myself too fast so I just ran for 20 minutes and performed a leg and ab workout. Then I attended my school program – then came home. I just fed the boys and wrote out my “to do” list for the day. It is the end of the month so there is A LOT to do.

My goal is to give myself a couple weeks of discipline before I weigh myself again. I was addicted to the scale for a while. I usually lose weight on vacations, BUT I’m not too sure about this one. I hate defining my day by the numbers on a scale so I will just not to do that for now 🙂

I am also beginning to get back on track with a strict diet and exercise regime. This includes writing down what I eat, eating five meals a day and stopping at 7pm. It also means running more and adding bleachers to my weekly workout. My son is turning one in six weeks, so I am using that as a goal: to be in my best shape a year after giving birth to my second son!

The summer time is also going to approach soon and I want to feel  confident in bikinis and shorts so that is also another motivating vision for me.

Last night my girlfriend Stephanie told me that I should not be too hard on myself because I have a lot going on. That IS true. I am quite possibly the busiest person I know or anyone has ever met. It’s not easy as I am a stay-at-home working mom of two very young toddlers. But, I retorted by saying that being disciplined in my workouts and eating makes me happy. It helps me continue being in “flow” with my duties and in control in some sense with my crazy life. This life of working out early, eating well and constantly setting fitness goals is not something I feel forced to do…it’s what I’ve been doing since I was ten years old!

Anyways – this week I am getting back to the grind. I am setting new fitness goals and focusing on getting back on track and in operation mode again!

I will post pics later

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