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April 1, 2010

So my life has slowed down some. I decided to cancel my Jog-a-thon that I was planning for April and it was such a HUGE relief! I had anxiety attacks thinking about the work involved. My business’ have all started to steady out and run at a smooth pace. I told David that I was going to take it easy the last two weeks and to not expect too much of me! And SO, while I still work daily and have been moderately busy, I’m not THAT busy, which is good!

Last Saturday was my first time back in the gym in three weeks! YEP. You read that right, three weeks!!! I hardly ever go that long but since I’ve been so stressed and busy it has been really hard to make it there…especially when my body is already exhausted from just living! I did twenty minutes of the elliptical and some weight training. I didn’t want to overdo it because it was my first day back! Yesterday I attended my evening dance class. It was fun but I got lost a lot since I don’t know any of the moves. Of course, I pick up on things easily (from my cheerleading days) but since my mind wasn’t totally there (I really forced my train that night) I decided to leave 15 minutes before class ended to do some weight training.

I’ve been have so-so sleeps. It keeps getting interrupted due to various things. Most often it’s Christian jabbing me in the tummy with his foot. He is also my alarm clock as he wakes up before me now and grabs my face in the morning and starts talking. He’s so cute. I’m going to miss our special times together, just he and I!

My eating has been a 7/10. I still have my protein shakes in the morning but as usual, it’s all down hill after that. I prefer candy to food and have no appetite for anything in particular. Sometimes I wish I had the pregnancy cravings like all pregnant women seem to have! But I don’t 🙁

It’s pretty out today and I would like to go walking. I walked for a couple hours at the mall yesterday which is great. I plan on getting to the gym sometime this evening. I’m making it a double date as I have to meet parents for final weigh-ins for our transformation program. I would also like to get to my kickboxing class on Saturday that I’ve been missing. (See, I do workout up until the very last days!!!)

I have to be completely honest when I say I am absolutely fearful of labor. I hate the process. It’s scary – it HURTS. And with my history I’m praying I don’t bleed to death!!!

Happy April Fools day everyone!

this is a blurry shot taken on my phone. I’m 38 weeks!

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