Mommy Fitness Blog: ALMOST 1/2 way through the pregnancy!!

July 26, 2011

I’m almost 19 weeks preggers – we will be finding out the sex at my 21 week appointment! Technically we can do it now…and I’ve been contemplating paying $60 just to have a 2D scan, BUT, it’s nice dreaming of a girl!!

I feel good. No back pain. Some Energy – but whatever energy I have is dissipated from the boys.

This weekend however I was able to take a “mom-cation”!! I went to see some of my friends in the Seattle/Vancouver areas. It was a great three-day momcation away from the boys and day-to-day routine. I visited famous areas, tried different cuisines and laughed a lot! I was able to have a full night’s sleep and wake up at my leisure! I wasn’t able to workout, but I was able to walk A LOT. So much in fact, that my legs are sore. Sometimes I would see a ton of stairs and just walk up them ‘just for the heck of it.’ I was mainly with my friend Brian, who is used to us doing stuff like that just for some extra exercise.

My workouts have been stale. As I stated in earlier posts, it’s usually 1-2 days a week. It’s tough because I don’t wake up early enough AND I get tired by the end of the day. What makes this situation worse is that my eating is a 6/10. My main vice is sugar. I like to eat candy. It’s not a craving…it’s an indulgence (as I rarely believe in cravings unless you are pregnant and licking an iron skillet)

It’s Tuesday so I have a lot going on today. I have to complete various things since I was technically out of the loop for Friday and Monday. I already sent out invoices, updated sites, attended my mom-me club, cooked breakfast and lunch as well as clean the whole house. After the kids nap (which I am waiting) I want to buy groceries, visit care homes and complete two writing assignments. Tonight we have a family dinner.

So – maybe while they are napping I can workout??? We will see.

Right now, I feel like if I get 3 days in (which could be Wed, Fri and Sat) it’s a triumph! I’ve gained around 10 pounds so far so I’m RIGHT ON TRACK.

Here I am at Pike’s Place in Seattle with my friend Brian’s girlfriend, Nicole.


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