Mommy Fitness Blog: 7 months preggers!

January 26, 2010

I’ve gained 18 pounds so far. I’m 29 weeks pregnant and am REALLY feeling my 3rd trimester. The baby moves all the time and hates it when I sleep on my back! But I LOVE sleeping on my back 🙁 This morning I woke up with Christian laying his head on my bare tummy. So cute! And I didn’t want to move him so I can switch to my side 🙁

It’s Tuesday and I DO plan on working out tonight. I will probably train on Tues, Thurs and maybe Fri or Sat (or both!) I’ve been consistent at going to the gym when there is dance class – but it’s hard for me to go in if there is no class whatsoever.

On Saturday I attended the Walk For Life in San Francisco. It’s an annual Pro-Life march I participate in every year! We walked for nearly two hours – I had to pee three times! And while my back did hurt afterwards and I slept awkwardly on the way home…it was all worth it. I am passionately pro-life and believe we need to protect our most innocent humans.

I have a prenatal appointment in about three hours and will begin seeing my doctor every two weeks until Baby Nicholas arrives! It’s very exciting. David and I truly love and adore our son – and wonder quite often how life will be with another boy in our lives.

Right now Christian is walking around finding different toys to play with. He is soooo cute. So happy. He loves playing horsey with his daddy, taking all my books down from my bookselves and running whenever the dishwasher or refrigerator is open. He has so much life in him.

In regards to other aspects of my life…I’ve been busy. I’m constantly going..but things are good. Things are moving…and life is progressing in a positive direction.

At the March on Saturday! 7 months preggers!

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