Mommy Fitness Blog: 5 weeks post-big-pregnant-belly body

May 27, 2010

I just wrote a long post and it just ERASED! So I think I’m going to just bullet point what I wrote because I have things to do and can’t rewrite everything. Here it is:

– I can’t wait to start working out next week as it has almost been 6 weeks now since I gave birth.

– Right now I’m not doing much for exercise. Just being stressed and running around

– My eating is a 7/10. It could be better…I don’t have much of an appetite (as I didn’t also when I was preggers)

– Babies are doing well. Nicholas is turning into a little man and Christian is the best big brother

– I can’t believe I have two boys!!!!!


Taken from my Adroid phone. Pretty clear shot! This is my 5 week photo.
I’ve always had a proportionate body and never really carried a lot of weight on my midsection.

We celebrated my nonprofit’s program finale at an Awards dinner on Sunday night.

Emceeing with my baby  in tow! This is SO my life right now.

End of the night with David (and my flip flops, I was wearing heels earlier!)
He’s so supportive, and wonderful, and amazing…I hope he’s reading this?!! LOL

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