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August 18, 2011

If I don’t have many appointments, I spend the majority of the morning very busy. I’m on my feet cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, fixing beds, etc. It’s amazing how long it takes me to actually finally sit down and relax. Considering I’m carrying a bit of extra weight, I definitely know how it feels like to use “cleaning as a workout”. We will be moving soon into a two story home with three MORE bedrooms, so I cannot imagine what my task list (for the house at least) will look like then. My saving grace will be more space and an upstairs laundry room.

It’s now Thursday and I’ve done a decent job of working out. On Monday evening, my girlfriend Melody was in town and we went on a nice long hour walk in the evening. On Tuesday I ran during my mom-me club and performed my normal lunges and squats. On Wednesday I woke up early to workout with my girlfriend Kim. We performed intervals on the treadmill and had a great back workout. Today, if I have time, I am thinking of attending a dance class… not sure though because my friend Borina is in town and we have plans.

In addition to what I’ve already done, I plan on working out with my group tomorrow, then go workout at the gym in the morning (as I usually do) every Saturday morning.

I’d say that my fitness is DEFINITELY picking up. Especially considering it was only 1-2 times a week at the most for the past month. I’ve been very busy too, which also helps with the overall activity level.

We are leavng for Hawaii next week for a nice 10 day vacation so I am getting my whole life prepped for the leave. Naturally, I can’t have any loose ends while I’m away. It’s exciting as we will see my husbands father and have additional help with the kids. We will also celebrate David’s birthday while we are away.

In terms of food, I don’t really watch what I eat – I don’t get really hungry at night (this has always been the case when I’m pregnant) but I DO eat – which maybe that might not be a good thing if I’m not hungry? I always try to get my protein in, but feel like I always lack in that area. I could be eating more vegetables…

My belly is getting bigger. People remark how ‘cute’ I am all the time. I guess I’m at the cute stage. I ‘m not feeling overly drained as a pregnant woman, but I definitely feel like I’m slower at times.

My goal while I am on vacation is to relax, not thing too much about business, to eat moderately, swim a lot and enjoy the Hawaiian island!

Here we are boating last week.

This boat was a workout!

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