Mommy Fitness Blog: 3 weeks post-preggers!

May 7, 2010

I was so happy whenI jumped on the scale this morning. I lave lost 20lbs since giving birth and it feels really good. I haven’t worked out – I don’t even go out walking! (Due to time restraints) I think breast feeding, running around working and picking Christian up twenty times a day are the reasons why.

I’ve been incredibly busy. Yesterday I woke up at 6am, (not by choice), had to make an emergency errand at a care home, then meet with the employees to discuss some issues. Then I went to my TriFalcons program where they were having a soccer coach visiting…they were so happy to see me AND the baby! (yes, I brought ONLY Nicholas with me as I am his food source!) Then I went to Staples to buy stuff and make copies. Then I went to Costco to pick up pictures and go shopping. Then I went to the grocery store to pick up medicine, mail envelopes, deposit a check and get additional stuff you can’t get at Costco. THEN, I dropped stuff at the care home and finally went home for less than an hour to feed the baby and myself. (Did I mention I fed the baby in the back seat of my car in parking lots!) After “resting” for 40 minutes, I was off to another care home where I did I lot of paperwork for a new resident who is arriving today. I was finally able to rest around 4pm but I still had Nicholas with me and had to nurse him and soothe his cries. Around 5pm I cooked dinner, then ate, then cleaned, then put the babies to bed, then around 10pm I started working on payroll, budget sheets, emails and was finally able to call it a night (after I nursed again) at midnight, only to wake up around 4am to nurse – then Christian wakes up at 4am too and we all end up being awake until 6am! While I am completely exhausted, whenever 8:30am hits, I HAVE to get up, regardless of how much sleep I got.

AND SO…here I am.

Amazing how busy life gets. I have to work again…all day until around 5pm. While it is tiring, I honestly like having a busier life than a slow life. There are days when life is slow for sure…when I’m at home working on the computer with Christian playing around me and Nicholas in his swing. On those days I never turn on the tv and just cycle from my office to my room every couple hours. But after a day like that, I have crazy ‘out’ days when I try to get everything done in one shot.

I feel good. I hate not having clothes that fit me though! That’s one thing I’ve always hated about just giving birth…nothing FITS! And you don’t want to go shopping because God knows I don’t want to stay at this size! So I wear dresses and work out clothes more often…BUT what I really want to wear are jeans and tank tops!

That’s my goal: to visualize how I want to feel and look in a nice pair of jeans and a tight tank top. I plan on getting below my pre-pregnancy weight by September. (I’m giving myself ample time) I plan on taking a big trip then, that’s why I”m making that my mark.  My ideal weight for my size is 125lbs. I weighed around 132 before I got pregnant the second time. So! If you want to follow me on the journey, keep reading!

Hiking at Napa Valley last Saturday. Phew! That was a workout!


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