Mommy Fitness Blog: 3 days until the big day!

November 24, 2010

As I type this I am uncomfortably dealing with fake nails on my computer keys. I’m not used to this as I HATE fake nails. But, I guess I will have to suffer just for this week as my real nails are short, frail and beat up from dish washing, hot glue, etc. Our wedding is in 3 days and the clock is tick, tick, ticking!!!!! I told David last week, that the only thing that will drive me up the wall is if our daily schedules don’t stay consistent. With all the guests and events, it’s really important that I get my morning workout, my daily meals and that the kids also get their naps, meals and sleep times…all at the same time!!! Now that it is Wednesday how are we doing? Not so good.

The kids went to sleep at midnight yesterday – and my workouts have been there…not as intense, but I’m not trying to be intense this week. Just consistent. I am right on my goal weight. I look awesome actually. I admit that! I do. And I’m not starving myself, I actually eat some chocolate and bread every day. Last night I had wine…two glasses maybe? To be completely honest, I haven’t written in my diet journal for the last couple months. I’ve just been too busy. And most of the time, I don’t know where it is..

So how has the weight come off? I just know I’m doing “right”. I know it when I’m hungry at 11pm and choose to sleep and not eat. I know it when I wake up in the morning to train or when I run when I feel like stairclimbing instead. I know I’m doing “right” when I drink lots of water, eat small meals, and consume my protein shake EVERY day.

I knew that eventually the weight would come off with patience and consistency…and it has!

there is still much to do…lots of last minute RSVP’s..lots of seat changes. Right now my sister and nieces are putting bows on our wedding programs!

Tomorrow I am doing a 10k for the “Run to Feed the Hungry” and I plan on training (mainly cardio) every day, up until the big day. I don’t get tempted by food anymore so I’m not really worried about Thanksgiving. I just know that if I resist, I feel AWESOME for not eating the pumpkin pie, the stuffing, the mac n cheese, etc. Yesterday we had a mini-Thanksgiving with David’s family and I ate mostly turkey and vegetables.

SO! Next time I write, I will be a married woman y’all!! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend and God Bless!

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