Mommy Fitness: 3 months post-pregnancy

March 13, 2012

My baby just celebrated the 12 week mark! He is so big, happy, alert, smart, cute, cuddly, loving and absolutely adorable!!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. My workouts are getting a little better. I’m trying to make it a priority to do it right in the morning. As of now, the earliest I can get to the gym seems to be 8-9am. My goal however, is to get there by 6am. It’s extremely tough because I have lack of sleep and have a hard time waking up when I’m already up with the baby throughout the night.

This morning, for example, my second son comes crying in at 2am. He ends up sleeping  with us.  My first son comes in around 6am and disturbs us. While it’s 6am and ideally a good time to workout, now that my children are in the room, it’s hard for me to sneak out of the house. At 8am, after the baby’s feeding, he has a blowout and I have to take an emergency shower with him to clean him up. My second son then has a blowout in his diaper (he’s been having issues all weekend) so we have to take him an emergency bath. THEN I couldn’t find my phone for the life of me! I blamed my eldest son, only to find that my husband had put it in the washing machine along with the bed sheets that were soiled during this whole process! Can you believe that! All before 9am!

I am losing a steady pound a week. That’s my usual pace. I like that pace because it’s realistic and achievable.

I came back from two days from Vegas this past weekend. I wasn’t planning on attending my sister’s 30th birthday bash but decided last minute that it may be good as I am ALWAYS with the kids,  I NEVER get sleep, I get STRESSED easily and I felt so disconnected with my sisters.

SO I went last minute with my girlfriend, Borina.

It was a great trip overall. We all stayed at the City Center in various hotels: Aria, Cosmopolitan and Vdara. It was a great set up. We shopped, dined, attended a show (Zumanity) and danced at Hayes nightclub.  Borina became sick on Sunday so that was a bit of a bummer, but I ended up spending quality time with my sister, Christine, so that was nice.

I came home on Monday morning and attended a sushi buffet that evening for her birthday with the family. I was SO tired and after cleaning the house (I don’t care how tired I am, I always clean before I sleep) I went swiftly to bed only to be awaken with poop in every direction! LOL.

I am nearly ten pounds away from my start weight before getting pregnant. (start weight was 125 pounds) This week I intend on running more and trying to stay consistent with eating and training.

I have to go to L.A. this weekend though for a fitness convention, so it will definitely screw up my workout routine, but that just  means I will be extra good on my diet.

For those who complain about a physical ailment and blame their weight gain on that I say….so what! If you can’t workout, that means you have to eat better. Simple as that!

My goal this week is to:

1) Concentrate on drinking lots of water

2) Training 4-5 days

3) Run more for cardio

I love my Herve Leger dress! I wore this on Saturday night. This is my 3 month post-baby-in-belly body. I have ten more pounds to lose.


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