Marriage requires Faith

December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

When my husband asked if he could volunteer with the nonprofit group, Team Rubicon, in Hurricane Sandy’s relief effort I was initially apprehensive. Firstly, handling a business and three tiny children on my own is already a tumultuous task. Secondly, I had a scheduled photo shoot with Sacramento Parent magazine and live television interview with Good Day Sacramento on the days he wanted to be gone. I didn’t want him to go – but I knew that servicing others through his talents in leadership, strategy and strength was his calling….

It took me all but six seconds to say “you can do it!”

I supported him. After all, our marriage is based on being a partnership. It hasn’t always been equal and we don’t often share the same spotlight, but in the end, we both know who’s in the shadow when each of us shines.

While away he was able to manage the distribution of supplies to those in need. He also led teams of volunteers out to houses that needed walls demolished, destructed personal items collected and garbage removed to prevent the growth of mold. While he slept in group settings on concrete floor and walked blocks to shower in a public gym, he never complained about his minor circumstances compared to the tragic conditions of those he served. We spoke only a few minutes each night before he would collapse from exhaustion in the evening.

I missed him.

Especially when the boys became unruly or my care home business needed management. Besides needing hands on assistance and division of work, what I really needed was him. I needed to yell from my desk, “David, what do you think…”and hear his advice in-between the walls. I needed to feel his protective presence when the baby and I slept. I needed to laugh with someone about Christian’s latest drawing, vent to someone about my latest work challenge and hug someone when I needed physical comfort. Most of all, I needed someone who could say, “You can do it.”

Our marriage is about compromise, commitment, family and fun. Most of all, it’s about Faith. Faith in each other – faith in our individual life missions – faith in our joint goals and abilities to become our best person because we have each other.

It isn’t about competing, holding each other back or putting each other down. It’s not about holding grudges, giving gifts (which we rarely do) or keeping tally. It’s about humbling yourself. Sacrificing your own needs. Committing to a larger cause and respecting each other’s passions.

Thank you David for five years of Faith.

Please vote for the nonprofit organization, Team Rubicon, a disaster relief group that arrives first during humanitarian disaster. They are in the running to receive Chase’s 1 million Community Award,  which they will use to fund the expansion of Veteran Emergency Response Teams (VERTs) into every state across the country, providing military veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan the opportunity to continue their service by responding to natural disasters at home and abroad. PLEASE CLICK HERE!

The day he left to go to the East Coast.

Wedding photoshoot

Check out what we did while he was gone
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  • Reply Gemma December 5, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    What a beautiful reminder! Every marriage needs to be looked at as a partnership and I’m sure your husband appreciates your support more than you even realize 🙂 What a lovely post!

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