Letting Go.

February 17, 2022

Last year I let go of a lot of things in my life. In fact, “letting go” has been a big part of my mantra both then and now.

So I started letting go last year. I let go of expectations, not just of my partner but also what I tried to hold together. I let go of the idea that I needed to predict the future…that my sense of worth was tied to what a being saw in me. I understood my sacred contract and honored the little humans we created knowing we’d love them always, together or apart.

I let go of the idea that I needed to be with someone in order to love them forever.

I am open.

I accept how the energy around me shifts me, moves me, transforms me and liberates me. I accept the lessons each moment teaches me and I am no longer resisting where the waves are taking me.

I am letting go.

What is yours, will always be yours. What wasn’t, never was. Let Go of trying to control things and people around you. Accept it. Allow it. Ascend from it. You are flowing exactly where you’re supposed to go.

Let Go.

Let Go of Expectations. Let Go of your ideas of how things should be, could be or would be. Follow your heart. It will (always) lead you Home.

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