“I CAN!!!”

September 12, 2012

I have rules about my writing.

I don’t write when I’m stressed or angry. I don’t write during the daytime or when the boys are awake. I don’t write about negative thoughts. Most of all, I don’t write just to write…if I miss a week or two, I will do exactly that because writing isn’t something forced. Writing is a creation of thought, a manifestation of your inner soul displaying itself for the world to read.

So I haven’t been writing lately because of one of those reasons. Either I’m tired, busy or moody. Often times it takes me a good half hour of writing paragraphs, erasing, writing more, erasing – until I finally get into a writers flow.

Right now I’m undergoing several projects. Besides my normal work tasks found in my freelance writing, nonprofit projects or care home business, I’m also in the middle of starting two new businesses. One of the businesses is an extension of another business, the other one is taking me down an entirely new path. I’m in the midst of developing a product that has assisted in my weight loss these past few years. I feel genuinely excited to share what I’ve been performing 2-3 times a day to flatten my abdominal region. My timeline looks to be around 4-6 months before I have a product in hand and ready to distribute. It’s exciting meeting with engineers and branding specialists, but more than anything, it’s scary.

I’m completely out of my element.

While I have an expansive work history in fitness, marketing, writing and promoting, I am stepping into a world that requires more effort, more drive and most of all, more money and time. Thankfully, I have background in entrepreneurship. I know that it will take exactly what it takes right now (and a little more) to make this new goal work.  It means:

–          Waking up before the sun rises to exercise

–          Being ready at moment’s notice to attend appointments

–          Utilizing online moments for research and not idly browsing

–          Reading informational books up until the moment I fall asleep

–          Saying gratitude prayers morning, before meals and at night

–          Taking each moment to “Seize the Day”

–          Budgeting and spending money wisely

–          Limiting TV time

–          Planning, planning, planning – my workouts, meals, schedule, tasks

–          Networking, meeting friends for inspiration and connecting with like-minded people.

–          Visualizing my dreams daily and focusing on present actions that influence my future.

Going down roads less traveled is scary. It requires setting a new life routine, and most importantly, a new mindset. It’s a ‘can do’ mindset. As I was sitting in my initial product meeting I became mentally overwhelmed with the task at hand. I felt excited as I was connected to the perfect person I had been praying for these past couple months, however, as we began discussing the reality of this product coming alive I thought, “Is this really happening?” The road ahead started getting a little darker and a little steeper.

I’m not the type of person who goes into projects with rose-colored glasses. I’m a planner at heart and I take into account the good, the bad, the possible, the impossible and I research those who have traveled similar paths.

As much as self doubt can easily flood my mind, each day and every day I will continue my mantra: I “can do” this. In the last few years I have told myself:  I can become a good runner. I can look phenomenal after 3 kids in 3 years. I can be an exceptional mother to three young boys. I can travel every year. I can own a business. I can create a product. I can be successful.

I can.   And I WILL.

With my sisters at the Scleroderma walk on Sunday morning.

With my men

Airshow! They LOVED the planes

They are all growing up so fast.

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