Fitness is my bliss

March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

In my early twenties, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet extraordinary people. These people built companies, created personal brands and amassed good fortunes. Through these people I learned a lot about life and what I needed to achieve internally in order to create a content human existence. During this life period, I contemplated my career, pondered big life questions and drowned my days with heaps of reading and writing.

“What is your bliss?” This was a common question amongst most of my mentors.  It stumped me.  

I didn’t even know what ‘bliss’ meant.

And yet, all these successful people knew what ‘bliss’ was and how it strongly influenced their journey in life….

As I reflected upon my childhood and present talents I realized how much I enjoyed fitness. I loved educating, writing, competing, training…I loved inspiring people into taking action towards a physical goal. I loved movement and the psychological and biological effect it created within your body, mind and spirit.

When I was bullied in school, I worked out.
When I had romantic troubles, I took a kickboxing class.
When I was stressed from schoolwork, I went walking.

One of my favorite quotes is “Action is the foundational key to success” by Pablo Picasso.

There are things in life we don’t feel we deserve…people in our lives we wish we didn’t have to associate with…incidents that happen that we have no control over. Most often, when tribulations enter our lives our internal instinct is to STOP…people can’t eat, some just sleep. When stressed there are people I know who can’t digest (like me) or who can ‘go’ uncontrollably.

When we immediately react to external pressure, most often, that action prevents you from actual life progress. It takes a powerful, internal will to move, progress…take action.

This past week I experienced emotions of frustration, annoyance, stress and sadness.  In those moments, it took a little bit longer for me to wake up in the morning, I ate a little bit less throughout the day and I spent a little more time by myself than with others.

Instead of dwelling in my self-imposed depression, I got up and I moved. I attended my Mom-me Fit Club.  I took Tiger for a walk. I trained at the gym….I danced around the house with Christian.

I took action.

…and as I took action, I simultaneously also gained internal and external control of a life in progress.

Fitness is my Bliss.

When I am able to educate others and make them feel good about themselves….
When I am able to write a quote that will motivate someone today to workout….
When I am able to prevent someone from one day getting heart disease or diabetes…

I know I am living in my bliss.

When you have found your bliss…you are living in a world where desire for monetary gain is minuscule, your desire to give is maximal, and your time spent feels endless.

THAT is happiness.


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