Fit Mom: Tina Roc Fiyah

November 1, 2012

Tinah Roc Fiyah breaks all the rules when it comes to what we assume a working registered nurse, with  two c-sections and standing at just 4’11 can accomplish. She lost 26lbs by waking up each morning at 3:30am! She eats 6 meals a day! It only took her 5 weeks to recover post-cesarean! In her own words, “Be your best. Train hard, eat well and your body will return the favor by giving you the fit body you desire. I believe in SELF-KARMA, do unto your body as the way you want to be treated and look like” Having children are no excuse not to exercise.

1. How many kids do you have? Ages? How heavy they were at birth and how much weight did you gain during pregnancy?

I have 2 children. A  boy age 11 & a girl age 9.  My 11 year old was born at 5 lbs 5.3 oz. ( I gained 50 lbs) My 9 year old was  born  at  7lbs 2.1 oz (I gained 25 lbs) I currently weigh 128lbs and lost 26lbs after having my children.

2. C-Section or Natural? How long did it take you to recover? When did you start training?

I delivered C-Section for both pregnancies. My first born was in breech position and my water bag broke and C-section was a must. I chose to deliver C-Section for my second pregnancy.  For both pregnancies it took me 5 weeks to recover. I started exercising 6 weeks postpartum. I started doing Zumba, then some Firm workouts

3. Did you nurse?  Yes. How long?

I nursed both children for 18 months.

4. What does your daily routine look like?

Currently, I wake up at 3:30 and do my workouts at 4 am. Depending which workout program I am doing.  If I have time in the afternoon, I would do another workout. I take Kenpo Karate as extra with my family. We train 2x week for about 1 hour on Tuesdays and Saturdays 2 hours. We take hiking trips every other Sundays here in Hawaii. If not hiking, kickboxing training at our kenpo school.

5. What is your weekly workout?

Currently my weekly workout consists of Circuit Cardio Training and Weight Training. I am doing the Insanity/Asylum Hybrid program.

6. What is your weekly diet?

I eat 6 meals a day. I have a on the go protein shake when I drive to work. Then have some eggs and greens. I try to have protein each meal. I eat lean lean meats with lots of greens. I don’t eat breads, rice or pasta. I take my carbs from vegetable carbs or fruit carbs. I do snack on raw almonds. This has been helping me get leaner everyday.

7. What is your philosophy on training?

“Be your best. Train hard, eat well and your body will return the favor by giving you the fit body you desire. I believe in SELF-KARMA, do unto your body as the way you want to be treated and look like” Having children are no excuse not to exercise

8. What question are you asked the most?

“How come you are becoming skinnier each time I see you?” What is your answer? I am not becoming skinnier, I am becoming fitter. I eat well and I exercises daily. When not exercising I try to keep active by going outings such as hiking or just playing at the park with my kids. Or going swimming at the beach. Make use of Hawaii’s finest beaches.

9. What is most challenging being a fit mother?

When my family eats out and wants Mc Donald’s. I always pack a snack in my bag, Water bottle, raw almonds, and a Lean Shake from GNC. That would be my desperation on the go healthy meal. I rather eat that than a burger and fries.

10. What is your occupation?

I am a Registered Nurse on a Medical Surgical Unit. I work with patients who have gone surgery such as hip, knee, gallbladder, tumor removal, gastric bypass etc type of surgeries. Or the sickly asthmatics. I LOVE MY JOB!! I enjoy helping people. Especially the gastric bypass ones. They are excited to move on to their healthier, fit lifestyle.

11. What is your advice for moms first starting out?

When your baby is sleeping. Don’t sleep, get a chance and find a 30 minute DVD or make up 12 minute HITT workout and do it. Mothers who find it is hard to workout, my advice MAKE TIME. There are hundreds  and hundreds of workout you can do. There is Bodyrock, ZWOW on the internet. Or other YouTube fit people. I am no personal trainer, but I’d love to help mothers who would want to learn to get fit!! I started off by just walking in place when I just gave birth. I have a lot of workout DVDs. In order to achieve, you got to believe!

12. What is your favorite clean recipe?

My favorite is broccoli, chicken tenderloins (from Costco) and red rose potato. Sprinkled with Mrs. Dash garlic flavor.

13.  What is ‘your secret weapon’ for those who want to be in shape?

My secret weapon is my picture that I sent you. The picture with me and my son. It is a reminder, never to get that big again and to always continue to eat well and exercise everyday.

Personal thank you goes to my FB FITNESS FRIENDS! I do not know any of the people on my friends list personally. But they have been there for me with my fitness journey. I have been serious about my fitness goals since January 2012. I have seen great progress since then. Tweaking my diet and sticking to challenges is giving me great confidence and I love it. I love to share my success stories to motivate and inspire those who want to get into shape and just don’t know how. Where there is a will, there is a way!!



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