finding my flow.

April 5, 2007

April 4, 2007

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I dont usually post this late in the week, but Ive been going through some technical difficulties and admittedly, some emotional challenges.

As usual, when I write down long term goals, I start to become anxious

Besides being anxious, I started getting nostalgic of how controlled my life used to be only 1 month ago.
In the moment, I never know what triggers my mind to make huge life changing decisions, but in retrospect, I know that whenever I create a routine that becomes too predictable – I leave.

I leave because of boredom, monotony, and restlessness.  I have a fire in my belly and as much as Ive tried to escape the challenges of who I was I realize today that nothing can extinguish my passion, my enthusiasm and my excitementOnce something cold, lifeless and routine pours onto me, my natural instincts make me take flight.  

Yesterday, I started getting anxious from my natural impulses to experience life, learn, explore and leave situations where I felt my spirit caged

As much as friends, family and employers try to unintentionally cage our spiritsit is not a matter of if but when we will seek to break free.
We are born with talent or a gift that we naturally do better than others. As one of my favorite authors, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, writes: we are all happy when we are in flow with our actions. Flow is when activities are accurately measured to meet our strengths and proportionately challenge our weaknesses.

There is something we all do that feels timeless, rewarding and pleasurableTHAT activity is what true happiness is. Finding your flow or your bliss is the key to sustain happiness.

I find my flow when I begin a journal  
and aimlessly write on a blank sheet until I witness a masterpiece in the end
I find my flow when I begin a workout and painfully challenge my body until it turns into a strong, flexible and vibrating machine
I find my flow when I begin a new travel journey and curiously learn about the music, the people, and the scenery until it moves me into wanting to know more about the human experience…

My goals are uniquely tailored to fit my flow experiences. My life mission is constructed to serve the innate talent that has re-emerged itself during every single life triggering event.

As I journey on: I know that if I keep doing what I naturally can do I will eventually become what I was supposed to be.

We are all designed to fit a divine purpose in our lives.

In examining our past events we can discover how our private histories unlocks our inborn talents
In recognizing our lives today we can understand how our present awareness unfolds our true spiritual nature
In dreaming of our futures, we can envision how our newfound cognizance unleashes our infinite potential

Every day we are all closer to the person we were meant to become.