Fat Loss Supps FAQ’s!

December 21, 2012

I get so many questions about supplements and to be honest, I have ALWAYS been terrible at taking supplements. The only way I take them if it’s shaped like a gummy bear and coated with sugar! LOL.

When I’m more serious about training, I WILL try to be more disciplined about taking a multivitamin and sometimes glutamine (Max Muscle brand) for muscle recovery and a fat burner for mainly energy. There are a lot of Fat Loss supplements out there and I have sampled my share throughout the years.

I wanted to ask one of my closest guy friends, Dave Slagle from Natural Dynamix, some of my frequently asked questions regarding Fat Loss Supplements. If you have any questions for him, I strongly suggest you email him because he WILL respond and educate you: dave@naturaldynamix.com

1.       What is the best weight loss supplement for women?
In spite of the fact that the most popular weight loss supplements or fat loss supplements (aka fat burners) are stimulants, the best fat loss product  works at the cellular level to enhance the body’s natural ability to “burn” stored fat.  Stimulants do increase “fat burning”  but mostly as a side effect. The real reason that stimulants are popular  is because people like to “feel” the product working and stimulants are stimulating. But in reality you can’t feel your body “burning fat” just as you don’t feel your hair growing(yet you frequently shave, wax and get haircuts).

As for the non-stimulants, products that contain ingredients backed by scientific studies, such as L-Carnitine are good as long as the per serving amount is the same as the scientifically proven amount. For example some fat loss products contain 200mg of L-Carnitine per serving when the effective dose of L-Carnitine is 1500mg per serving.  Let the buyer beware!

But you asked for the best weight loss supplement and currently I am excited about Oxaloacetic Acid (OAA).  I have been working on adding products to the Natural Dynamix line and OAA is an ingredient that is going to be in a few of the new products. The first one to launch is Endure DX, a non-stimulant energy enhancer primarily for endurance athletes. The next will be a fat loss product that also contains OAA as well as stimulants. You probably have never heard of OAA because there are very few companies currently using it. That is because it is a relatively new, highly unstable and somewhat expensive raw ingredient.

Natural Dynamix is launching Endure DX in January 2013 and the fat loss product will be available in the spring of 2013. What is cool about these products is that OAA increases “fat burning” and muscular endurance. So even though the Endure DX is targeting endurance athletes, it can be used as a non-stimulant “fat burner”.

2. What makes this brand different from others?

Natural Dynamix is a brand that provides nutritional supplements for all age groups. From our Children’s Gummy Cuties to our adult supplements we formulate high quality products using only premium ingredients in adequate amounts.  And we are always researching safe, effective, cutting edge ingredients such as OAA.

3.       How exactly does this work?

In simple terms, OAA stimulates cellular energy production which is why it is an essential supplement for endurance athletes and people on low calorie diets. Every human naturally produces OAA as part of the Tricarbolic Acid Cycle (or Kreb’s Cycle). Our lab discovered a way to make OAA into a safe, stable and effective supplement. Of course OAA also works at the cellular level to increase “fat burning” and research ha shown that  supplementing with OAA increases muscular endurance in lab tests.

4.       Can taking this supplement guarantee fat loss?

No supplement can guarantee fat loss however OAA does increase “fat burning” in working muscles. Using OAA along with their good nutrition and training program, most people experience fantastic results.

5.       What would you suggest to someone who has never taken a weight loss supplement?

As someone who works in the industry I should probably take the “hard sell” approach and tell everyone to buy some weight loss supplements and start taking them immediately.  However, I would actually suggest that they review their current training and nutrition program and if they believe that using a weight loss supplement would make a difference, then they should try one. My opinion is that most people would gain more from putting some extra effort into their training than buying a weight loss supplement. But I also believe that everyone should have a good nutrition plan that includes nutritional supplements like a multi-vitamin and a multi-mineral.

If a person has made the choice to try a weight loss supplement, they need to decide whether they want to use a stimulant (such as caffeine) or a non stimulant product. Either way, they should take the time to research the ingredients and make sure that the product contains a per serving amount that has been proven to be effective.

6.       How much should people be paying for their weight loss supplement? For example, is $70 too high?

No, $70 is not too high if the supplement is high quality. The cost of a supplement usually depends on the ingredients (and the amount of ingredients per serving). A fat loss product with a per serving/cost of approximately $2 would be average.  Therefore a 30 serving bottle in the price range of $60 is right on target.

I tend to think of nutritional supplements as the most affordable combination of health insurance and “beauty” products so it amuses me when a woman will spend more than a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes (that she will wear less than a half dozen times per year), and hundreds more on cosmetics yet she refuses to  spend $100/month on nutritional supplements that will improve her overall health and subsequently the quality of her life.

7.       What things should we look out for when choosing what to buy?

Look out for the hype. Avoid the mass marketed miracle pills. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!  Look at the science. And don’t be a crowd follower.  Just because “everyone” says something is good, that does not mean that it is good for you. Do your homework, read the labels and then verify that the ingredients in the bottle are in the amounts proven to be effective.

8.       What other things do you suggest women do to lose weight?

Train with weights, eat nutritious whole foods, train with weights, take high quality nutritional supplements and train with weights.

Did I mention training with weights? It’s a scientific fact that training with weights builds both bone density and muscular strength which is important for the health of all women (barring any serious health issues).

9.       What is your background in the fitness industry?

Currently I am the vice president of Natural Dynamix. At the beginning of my career I wanted to experience working in both the exercise and the nutrition sides of the industry. Back then the fitness industry and the “health food” industry were not as integrated as they are today. Over the course of 24 years  I have worked as a personal trainer, a gym manager, a manager of multiple gyms, a sports nutritionist, a vitamin buyer, a manager of multiple sports nutrition stores, a sports nutrition sales rep, a sports nutrition brand manager, the director of education and training for one of the top franchise sports nutrition chains, a freelance fitness writer and as a partner in a few different nutritional supplement companies. Like most people in the fitness industry, my background includes multiple certifications and college (I was educated in Exercise and Nutrition at California State University Hayward) but my real education began when I started working. I have learned more from  the experience of working with industry insiders than I could have ever learned in any classroom anywhere. And my education continues on a daily basis. I am always researching and asking questions. From early on I understood that the real “ROCKSTARS” of the industry are the research scientists and lab technicians who are mostly anonymous. So those are the people that I sought out as mentors. Getting to work with them has been a real blessing. I have also been lucky enough to have a career that has taken me around the globe doing what I love.

10.   Besides this product, what are other products you would recommend that are outside of your brand?

I am not comfortable making general recommendations. Nutritional supplementation is specific to the individual. For example, I know that you, Maria, are lactose intolerant and you do not like to use any artificial sweeteners. But I also know that you want to increase your daily protein intake. However because all whey protein contains lactose and most brands use artificial sweeteners, the standard  answer of “everyone should use whey protein” is not agreeable with you.  So we need to be specific. But I am a fan of high quality whey protein concentrates. And as an endurance athlete I like to use hydration drinks from Skratch Labs during rides and chocolate milk for recovery.

11.   What are the basic three supplements you feel women should be taking?   

Again, I don’t like to make generalizations however, most of the women that I consult use the following:

1. Multi-vitamin
I think most people are familiar with the benefits of taking a multi-vitamin so I won’t bore you with all of the science. But in my opinion, taking your vitamins is essential.  And it’s always good to remind women that supplementing with a multi-vitamin increases collagen production.  How many times have I heard a woman say that her hair and fingernails looked better when she was using a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy? Multi-vitamins increase collagen production. Increasing collagen production improves the health of hair, skin, nails as well as connective tissue.

2. Fiber
It’s a subject that is not popular to discuss but when I worked in product education one of the most common questions was about constipation.  A quality fiber product will cost about $1/serving and is safe and effective when  used daily or as needed.

3. Omega-3
Omega-3 has been popular for awhile now and most people know that it is considered an essential fatty acid because the human body cannot produce it. You can only get it from dietary sources with fish being the best source. Krill Oil is the best “fish” source of Omega-3 because it also contains phosphatidylcholine (good for anti-aging and a healthy liver) and astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant) and yes, Natural Dynmix produces a high quality Krill Oil.

12.   What do you suggest for those who have had a bad experience (heart palpitations/lack of results) using supplements in the past?

Anyone who experienced heart palpitations  from a supplement has probably been over-stimulated. The best thing would be to determine the exact cause. If the person has a health condition or is highly sensitive to stimulants then they should avoid all supplements that contain stimulants.  But it could have also been an unintentional mega dose. A few times I have heard people complain of heart palpitations and nausea from certain supplements containing caffeine.  I remember an incident when one of my training clients complained to me that she felt sick from a supplement.   I took a look at the supplement bottle and saw that  it contained 200mg of caffeine per serving, which did not seem like enough to cause the flu-like symptoms she was experiencing so I asked a few more questions. I  found out that the she also drank a full 16 ounce can of an energy drink. That energy drink listed 300 mg of caffeine per serving and a serving was defined as 8 ounces (half the can).  So between the supplement and the full can of the energy drink, she had actually consumed 800mg of caffeine at one time. No wonder she felt sick!  People need to be aware of  the serving sizes and the amount of ingredient per serving.

I think that the expectations set by advertising and marketing of fat loss/weight loss products has created a lot of disappointed consumers. If most of the highly advertised fat loss products were half as effective as they claim, there would be a lot more happy consumers.  But I also have witnessed people with the attitude of “I’m taking a fat burner so I can eat these super-size fries and it won’t even matter.” That kind of approach doesn’t work. At best a “fat burner” will help your body to use stored fat as energy more efficiently and it will work even better with a good exercise and nutrition plan.

People need to look beyond the advertising and check out the actual science behind the ingredients. For example OAA is relatively new as a supplement but published research studies have already shown that  it increases muscular endurance and fat loss.

13.   Anything additional you want to add.

When it comes to nutritional supplements, the cheapest is never the best.  That is something I want to remind people every day. That and to be aware of the marketing. A lot of it is subliminal and even if the product is good, it may be overhyped.  Educate yourself. And if you are not sure about the ingredients of a specific supplement, look them up on PubMed or ISSN.org.


This is the VERY first day Dave and I met at the SF Pro Show in 2005!

This picture was taken in 2007 – I’m not a big fan of it though.
I think I was 147 pounds here!?

Happy New Year!

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