choose to live…

January 10, 2006

January 9, 2006

It has been almost a year since I began writing my weekly journals.
I had no specific vision when I began writing these entries and quite honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing when I created this site: I just knew that I had a lot in me and I needed to expel it somehow.

Last year I created this site because I felt internally injured after graduating with double majors and a minor from college, transitioning to San Francisco, successfully competing in 6 competitions, and effectively profiting as a strong manager….I was still not-grounded and was easily lifted and tossed by the inner windstorm imbedded internally. I felt the need to constantly leave or move because I felt so impulsed to find myself …find where I was really supposed to be.

In my life and private experiences, I often felt uprooted and never felt like my personal vines found a foundation that was strong enough to support and plant the weight I wanted to carry in this world…

The one thing I learned most in this journey towards self discovery is that the only place you can find truth…is in yourself. You can’t find it in an object, a place, a person, it has to be you. The foundation that needed strength was my spiritual core: the core that breeds inside of me- the core that is fueled by love, compassion and faith.

To free yourself from desire, to free yourself from fear, to give yourself the freedom to live with unwavering love and perpetual light is not something you can buy it is the most priceless gift you could ever become aware of in this world

When I created this site, I felt like I needed to expel the inner storms inside of me by creating a place where I could see what this messy storm was trying to discover…in this process of constant reflection and rediscovery I found me. I found me, again. Thank you to the 2,000 + people who visit my site each week.

Today I am exactly where I want to be for in order to realize inner content and satisfaction, you must constantly remind yourself that wherever you are, you will be. I am here I sense the light and now that I’ve found my seed – I am ready to grow and become strengthened by the pressure become strengthened by the priceless weight that creates power and fortitude when you choose to live in this world.