July 11, 2005

July 10, 2005

There is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy: People who blame. People who don’t take accountability for their own actions…people who victimize themselves…people who constantly look at the past for reasons why they are in their present. I strongly believe that people who blame surrender their power to others. They weaken their ability to change the sails of their own ship because they let the wind dictate where they end up going.

Why am I saying this? Because this past week, I have corresponded with too many people talking about the past. While I love history and I find understanding why things happen interesting and fun….when you focus too much on the past, you lose opportunities in your present to change the direction of the future.
I love it when people talk about the future. I get excited about envisioning dreams that are not yet at my reach. I love working towards goals….I like knowing that I progress every day. I like experimenting with my body, mind and spirit through daily challenges and conscious living.

So while some like sitting in the painful pool of their past, there are others who hate even talking about the past….and I ask why? If you learned from each experience, and understood that everything happens for a reason: then why not rejoice in the past: after all, your past is what lead you up to this day, right?
Everything in life happens for a reason.

Take the opportunity right now. This very minute. To create an action: a progressive action. Because every action creates an effect. Make that effect positive. Change the course of the future, by recognizing the power of Right Now.

I for one, like taking blame for things that go wrong (even though it’s hard to fess up to), because ultimately in the end, I can also take the blame when things go right.  Stop Blaming and start re-claiming your Personal Power to be the Cause of Positive Effect.