8 ways to live a fit but stressful life.

August 13, 2012

For the past couple weeks, my schedule has been hectic. (see picture) Every day feels like I’m running around trying to avoid the 100 degree temperatures while lugging three small boys in and out of my SUV. For the parents out there, you all feel me when I say how TIRING it is to take kids in and out of their carseats several times a day. Despite my schedule, I have been pretty good with my training. I make it a point to run in the morning and train (if I can) in the evening. I’ve also pre-planned most of my meals, which makes life when you’re busy easier.

One of my pet peeves is when people use being stressed out as an excuse for why they aren’t hitting goals. Of course, I understand stress because I feel it almost daily with so many young kids and jobs. To me, one of the things that helps with stress is organization – in every aspect of your life. I like to keep  my office clean, my house clean and my body…clean! When I’m most stressed is when I organize my life and begin executing with greater precision. So, if you are stressed, start planning, start aiming and start shooting!

Here are my tips for getting/staying fit when living a crazy, busy life:

1)      Make your meals in advance. For me, I prepare them 3 days in advance, so I cook normally on Sundays and Thursday nights. I usually make brown rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes and add chicken breast, ground chicken or ground turkey with some type of vegetable like broccoli to it. This way, you can take the container with you on the go and never have an excuse to not eat your meal.

2)      I keep pre-packaged protein shakes in bulk in my refrigerator so it’s ready to consume whenever I can’t fit in a meal.

3)      I keep trail mix in my car. Since I’m trying to avoid excess sugar, I’ve been eating more peanuts and raw almonds to help my hunger.

4)      I walk around in workout clothes ALL the time. If the opportunity is available, I am able to exercise at a moments notice!

5)      I carry an ice cold water jug with my everywhere. Hydration is a part of weight loss.

6)      If I’m tired or sleepy midday and want to avoid grabbing a Starbucks coffee or latte (because I don’t use sweeteners and don’t want the sugar from the soy) I end up ordering a large iced unsweetened green tea if I have to.

7)      Get your workout done in the morning. You got the priority out of the way!

8)      Stick to your schedule and write your gym time and meals into your schedule.

Camera shot of " A Day in the life of Maria Kang" !!!


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