6 old (but new) fitness rules

July 25, 2012

I feel sick, unmotivated and fatigued. The weather in Sacramento has been volatile. My body instantly reacts to changes in weather. Imagine, it’s been 100 degree temperatures and then BOOM, it starts thundering and lightening two nights ago? Weird. So, my middle son is sick – and it makes sense that I am feeling sick with him since I awake at night when he cries and cuddles with him until he stops crying.

In addition to feeling sick, the motivation part is something I also need to explain. I feel like I’m not hitting any goals. I initially wanted to book a shoot this weekend, but rescheduled a month ago knowing that my stepdaughters trip would make focus impossible. Now, it is re-booked for next month and I’m scared of that commitment because my husband will be gone for Hawaii and I know the stress of being a single mom will make me falter on workouts, eat not so well (or not at all) and prevent me from coming in at my best. Of course, that may not be the case. I might be able to focus, train hard and drop fat. Who knows? All I know is that right now I’m feeling unmotivated.

I really wanted to workout today. But I woke up late because I was up late with the girls. Then I was up early because of the girls (they flew out this morning). Then my middle son was sick so I decided not to go to my mom-me fit group. Then my husband was gone so I didn’t go to the gym. Then my husband came home and I fell asleep with my youngest. Then when I woke up, my husband fell asleep and I didn’t want to wake him up. Then I started cooking dinner. Then I got more unmotivated as the day progressed…as the sun went down…as my eyes got tired…as my excuses built up…

By all means I’m not fat. However, I’m trying to get to that ‘super’ level of fitness where I can say “YES! I did it!” This requires 5% less fat and 8-10 less pounds. This requires me to stop eating the crust off of pizzas, eating my first meal at 11am, working out sporadically, drinking not enough water and eating ‘so so’ the day after a cheat day. I know where I can progress. I also know that Monday and Tuesdays seem to be the hardest days of the week for me. Yesterday, I only had the opportunity to run for 22 minutes before my baby started crying. Today, it’s 9:37pm and I have NO motivation to complete anything. Since I skipped dinner (bad me, again!) I don’t feel crazy guilty – especially when I have to train EARLY tomorrow morning because my husband is leaving me for the day and I need to sleep in order to do that.

When you have kids life is so much about planning. I feel like I’m constantly making lists in my head. I think about when I have the opportunity to cook, run or complete and errand all the time. Before bed I usually write down my food intake on my note app on my phone.

So I have five weeks until my really big goal.
I know what changes I need to make and these are it:

1)      Run in the morning, weights in the evening.

Sometimes I perform cardio and weight train in the mornings. Sometimes I don’t get the opportunity to do that until 9am. I usually don’t like eating beforehand, so my first meal ends up being at 11am. What I found works best is when I wake up, I get immediately on the treadmill, eat my first meal, work throughout the day and then train at night, complete with a class perhaps.  Since I strength train only 3-4 times a week, I don’t  have to train ‘twice’ a day every day. Only on Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (since I didn’t train yet this week it will be Wed, Th, Fri)

2)      Eat at 9am – 12pm – 3pm – 5pm – 730pm

Again, my meals are so sporadic and I know that in order to make a fat burning machine, I need to feed it consistently. Sometimes I don’t eat until 11am. Sometimes I don’t eat dinner (like tonight)
3)      Eliminate carbohydrates from my last meal
I don’t think I’ve been very good at this at all. I probably have a lean protein dinner once every two weeks. I know this is key to weight loss.

4)      Have a cleaner diet.

A sample diet is: egg whites and oatmeal, chicken, veggies and brown rice, protein shake and fruit, almonds, fish and salad
Usually I have half a small granola bar, a small soy latte or a crust of a pizza. I don’t have a strict diet and I need to in order to lose those hard to lose pounds.

5)      Workout with intensity. Beat personal goals
I’m usually intense. Lately I haven’t been.

6)      Sleep from 10pm-6am

Definitely something I need to work on. I usually sleep at midnight and wake at 8.


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Posing with Gabriel on his 7 month birthday

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