20 reasons why I’m a Top Health and Wellness Mommy!

October 23, 2012

I am in the running for Top 25 Health and Wellness moms! The contest ends Oct 31st and you can vote once a day. Voting will require 12 seconds of your time, but in case you are unsure whether I am worthy, here are 20 reasons why I should beCircle of Mom’s top health and wellness mommy!

1)      I am qualified: I have 3 kids! 3 years and younger. It’s a tough job to focus on fitness and family, but I’ve managed to do it!

2)      I have been blogging for YEARS. Over seven years to be exact. It feels like I’ve been writing about fitness F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

3)      I became a personal trainer in college – a foundation that set up my passion to serve others through fitness.

4)      I ran in the very first Nike Half Marathon/Marathon hosted in San Francisco.

5)      I founded a fitness nonprofit, Fitness without Borders, to help families and children to become healthy, educated and fit.

6)      When I became a mother I started a mom-me fitness group in my area for moms to workout in the park with their children or while they played. We’ve been going strong for over three years!

7)      I answer ALL my emails from readers.

8)      I promote other fitness moms.

9)      I create new content for readers every week.

10)   My children love to play outside, run, jump and workout with mommy.

11)   I’ve trained my children to drink ONLY water and they rarely watch TV, which is setting them up for a more successful future.

12)   I participate in charity runs 3x/year (for several years)

13)   I lost all my baby weight within 6 months after giving birth in all my pregnancies.

14)   I openly talk about the challenges of being successful as a mom, as a worker, as a wife and as a human being ALL the time.

15)   I cook clean meals daily and get very creative with my boys healthy foods often.

16)   Did I mention I answer all my emails from people asking for help? It’s sometimes tough, but I get it done!!

17)   I’ve never entered a ‘top blog’ contest before – but I felt like it was something I was qualified for!

18)   I would be sooo grateful for your vote!

19)   Click HERE to make me extremely appreciative.

20)   Don’t forget to share! And vote! (you can do it once a day)

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN AND FIND MY BLOG TO VOTE!  (you will find other cool, healthy and fit moms as you reach your destination!)

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