Winning with Friends.

November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

We celebrated my “Mommy Shower” this weekend. My best friend, Borina Mak, and mother planned this special day, which included a day at the spa and a luncheon with my closest girlfriends. It was a perfect day. I’m so thankful to have incredible people in my life to share my life-transforming experiences with. Throughout this entire pregnancy, I’ve rarely been pampered or reminded to sit down, relax or take it easy…so, it was nice to celebrate one day when me and my very-pregnant belly was given full love and attention.

I still can’t believe there will be a new addition to our household in less than one month! I revel in being a mom. My sons are incredible. Christian is the most social and amicable toddler I know. He befriends everyone, knows his alphabets, numbers, colors and is potty-trained! Nicholas is my little baby who loves reading, is very protective and enjoys attention, love and constant affection. They both understand ‘time out’ and the consequences when I count to number “3”. They sleep promptly at 9pm and are self-disciplined to stay in their room until they fall asleep. David and I are so proud of the home we’ve built and the family we’ve created.

While you can never predict how a child will transform when they reach adulthood, I’ve always strongly believed that you can create an environment that sets them up for success. For me, that means creating a structured household designed with routine, organization, respect, encouragement, faith and love. However, even though a parent can provide the best environment and be the ultimate role models for their children, nothing can control who your child befriends and welcomes into their sphere of influence. In many ways, those young friendships are what mold your child, just as much as you do.

I’ve been open about my difficult experiences in high school. Not only was I bullied, but I dealt with a lot of social judgments from people I hardly knew. I was an enigma in many ways as I was shy but also very social. I had a lot of “friends”, but only truly valued one friendship…and that was with my best friend, Borina.

Some would see us and think we’re polar opposites. In fact, we recently took the Meyers-Briggs personality tests and our results couldn’t be any more different. As an ENTJ, I’m very self-driven, analytical, confident and competitive. Borina, on the other hand, is more ‘artistic’, less confrontational, more introverted and easy-going. Having a friend with her peaceful and empathetic qualities was essential for me then…and essential for me now. When I was 17, I competed in an international beauty pageant in Houston, Texas. As one of the top five finalists, I was asked, “Who is the first person I would call if I won the pageant tonight?” I immediately said, “My best friend, Borina…” I then sincerely and emotionally described how much love and unconditional support she’s given me. When I finished my answer, I knew my answer moved the judges – and ten minutes after expressing our unique friendship, I won the pageant.

There have been times in my youth when I’ve called her crying because of a school incident or upset because of a recent break up. She visited me after every birth and stood right next to me when I recited my wedding vows to my husband.

Regardless of the trials I’ve undergone in my life – regardless of our period of separation. I have always ‘won’ in life because of our friendship.

Thank you Borina.

With Borina and Steph!

I love the logo Borina created! It was everywhere!

Love this cake created by Janell at Valley Girl Cupcakes

These were my invitations - complete with "Maria's Boys" (my husband is on top!)

36 weeks pregnant at my Mommy Shower

Borina made this for me! I seriously didn't know how creative she was in high school!

Me and my good friend, Minji Wong, are one month apart!

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