What makes a good mother.

May 10, 2020

Not many people know this, but I’ve become a caregiver to my mother recently. Her kidney transplant failed ten years later and my sisters and I are were tasked to perform her home dialysis machine five hours a day, 5 days a week.⁣

I was incredibly fearful in the beginning. It was a technical learning experience. A deep fear and realization that I was responsible for her life and a daily commitment I was unsure I could handle. ⁣

It’s Funny, as all the feelings I felt must’ve been the same ones she had when she gave birth to me. After all when you have a child , there’s no manual, it’s a long term commitment and a drain on you both emotionally and financially. Certainly, it’s wonderful to raise and love a human being, but the immediate rewards of doing so isn’t always there.

Yet there comes a day when your efforts come full circle. I’ve seen it in my work with the elderly and I see it today as I help my mother…⁣

You learn through actions what a great nurturer, caregiver and provider is. You give because you’ve been given. You love because you’ve been so loved.⁣

She showed me how to hustle: how to ask for sponsorships for my cheerleading camps and pageants, how to present various MLM products to groups of people (yes she did that!) and to work hard because if she started on gov’t assistance, then owned 4 properties before 30, and built 7 care homes before 45, then I CAN DO HARD THINGS TOO!⁣

She showed me to love deeply: to stay the course of a marriage even when times get tough, to pray to God and ask for protection and to be there for friends and family – even those who are seemingly undeserving (a trait that now bites both our butts 🤭)⁣

Most importantly, she taught me to be a good mother. She showed me that motherhood isn’t about a super clean house, a perfect Christmas, homemade cookies and expensive gifts..it was about the KNOWING, knowing that she will always be there with unconditional love, support and affection.

I love you mom. I love you for always being my ride or die, my numero uno, my OG and my best friend. This image is a rare pic of us after I was just crowned a national title. When I win she wins. Thank you mom, for helping me win in life.⁣

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