Top 6 ways to frugally eat in a poor economy

November 10, 2008

According to new reports, while store chains like Mervyn’s, Linen-n-things and Circuit City are closing down…McDonald’s is actually going up!! In November their sales rose 8.2%!

Similar to the Stock Market Crash earlier this fall, it seems that the cheap food industry is getting  a boost from this poor economy.

So what are the things YOU can do to combat buying the sugary, sweet, salty and fried foods that conveniently come cheaply in boxes and bags?

Here are my tips to eating frugally:

1) Buy everything in bulk. Go to Costco or Sam’s Club. Buy big bags of frozen chicken breast, canned tuna, broccoli and oatmeal. Stock up on all health food items and make the investment to make one big purchase that will last for the rest of the month.

2) Purchase your fruits and vegetables at inexpensive food stores and farmer’s markets. At most local farmer’s markets you can bargain just a little too! If there’s anything you don’t want to skimp on – it’s your natural vitamins and minerals found in the ‘live’ foods we eat. LIVE foods are apples, bananas, pears, lettuce, celery, etc.

3) Eat less in general 🙂 (Eating less has proven to enhance life longevity) Also – you will eat less if you consume more fiber. Get more fiber for your money by eating stuff that makes you feel fuller like fruits, grains and vegetables.

4) Plan your  meals in advance so you don’t stop by a fast food restaurant when you’re hungry. It’s ALWAYS about planning, planning, planning!!! I can’t stress this enough – and I know all of you know that if you don’t know what is ahead, you have no way of controlling what comes your way!

5) Clip coupons and read the sales in grocery ads. Coupons are great! They really are. Sometimes it can be tedious but it IS worth it. The great thing is: is that most grocery stores gives you coupons after your purchase and usually the discounts are related to the purchases you just made.

6) Freeze anything and everything! It makes things last LONGER!

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