Top 6 ways to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

September 15, 2006

The weekend is almost here! And I know I will be tempted at least one when eating in a restaurant. Here are some tips I use to keep my meals lean when dining out.

1. Drink lots of liquid, but only drink water, tea, diet soda and add lemon for taste. This will assist in satiating you before your meal.

2. All sauces on the side. Whether it’s dressing, Italian sauces, or bbq sauce…there is so much hidden calories and fats in sauces. I’ve adapted to liking most things dry.

3. Use Key words for Meals Some good choices includes: Grilled, Baked or Sauteed – these words usually indicated that it is a smarter choice.

4. Be Difficult. My requests to the waiter usually sounds like: “Can I please have (some type of lean protein with veggies), and can you make sure they use only a little cooking oil? For the salad can I have vinagrette on the side. No cheese. And I want to make sure you don’t put on butter on your veggies? Great~ and you can take the bread basket, we won’t need that.”

5. Take it home. You DO NOT have to finish your plate – especially if the restaurant serves huge portion sizes. Remember, one of the keys to your success is monitoring your portions at each meal.

6. Be with a supportive group of people. Interestingly enough, some people actually order really bad foods around you just to ‘rebel’ against your healthy nature. You want to be around a company of people who are not intimidated by your lifestyle and add to the significance of the food date.

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