Top 6 ways to curb your hunger.

November 4, 2006

I know I said I would write my ‘top 6’ every Friday, but I’ve been soooo busy!! Sorry! But now that I finished my early morning workout (I’m talking 5am y’all!) I am ready to get busy telling y’all ways to curb your hunger! Especially since it is now officially the weekend and I know there will be lots of temptations out there for everyone.

Eat Fibrous Foods.

1. I am a huge proponent of eating fiber! Fiber dereases your appetite because it ‘bulks’ inside of your stomach and creates a mental feeling of ‘satiation’ to the brain. It also assists in digestion, which is a huge plus! Fibrous foods include oatmeal, fruits, and nuts.

Drink lots of different types of liquid.

2. I enjoy drinking water with lemon/lime, different types of teas and on occasion I would have my sugar free energy drink. (not a huge fan of sweetners, but I will indulge in this bad habits once in a while. Especially since I still consume protein shakes and bars) Drinking liquid not only assists in cleansing your body, but it also keeps people who have oral issues like myself better guided during consumption. (people with oral fixations like to keep their mouth occupied all the time, like chewing gum or eating!)
Don’t miss a meal.

3. In fact, increase your meals! You heard it everywhere! 6 small meals a day! Now if you don’t get sick of eating, let me know! When you space out your meals, not only are you continously fueling your metabolism, but you are more aware of portion sizing.


4. Moving your body is a natural stimulant of happiness to the brain – when you exercise people are typically in a better mood and don’t feel the need to overconsume calories. I know I do!
Drink Coffee/Tea

5. Another proven appetite supressent. Studies on caffeine show a decreased level of hunger and overall food intake when consumed. If you do drink it, I suggest to not order the big fancy drinks, keep it clean and simple and be weary of added sugar.

Eat Breakfast.

6. One of the biggest things that has helped my mother and myself when trying to re-design our diet and our bodies is to eat breakfast. Breakfast starts off the day, keeps your metabolism revved and your energy high when you need it. Studies show taht people who eat breakfast consume less throughout the day. Now that will definitely curb your hunger!

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