TOP 6 ways to clean up your salad

July 24, 2009

I eat a salad ALMOST every day. It’s one of the healthiest choices you can make when trying to have a clean diet. However, a lot of people screw up this wonderful meal by adding tons of stuff that take it from being a 300 calorie delight to a 900 calorie heart attack.

Here are my tips to make a salad awesome and HEALTHY!

1) I almost always order Balsamic Vinegrette AND I ask it to be served on the side. Most other dressings, especially the creamy ones (I am talking to you RANCH lovers!) have a lot of fat and carbs.

2) I don’t add too much additional carbs to the salad. Say good bye to cheese, carrots, corn and croutons. (hey they all begin with the letter ‘c’!) While carrots and corn is an awesome addition, it still has sugar in it and is best when given very lightly.

3) Add things that have taste. I like red onion, olives, and beets.

4) Load up on some good fats. I enjoy putting avocado and nuts in my salad whenever I can.

5) Skip the tortilla shell – in fact, skip the Mexican salad altogether as the sour cream, cheese and beans just don’t make the cut when it comes to trimming your salad.

6) Add delicious protein. I am a chicken and fish person. But I’m mostly a fish person 🙂  I LOVE salads with tuna or shrimp.


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