Top 6 Motivational Quotes

December 15, 2006

What will move you into action?

For those who don’t know it yet…I’m all about motivation, obviously! And I chant a few things in my head whenever I am challenged in this journey towards a better physical self. Below are my top 6 favorite motivational quotes I have used to keep me focused and disciplined during the most challenging times.

1. “Every Day is a New Battle”
This quote signifies the power of ‘right now’, for it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, it doesn’t matter what you plan on doing tomorrow, all that matters is what you do ‘right now’ to get you closer to your long term goals.

2. “Nothing tastes better than being Fit”
Nothing takes the place of confidence. Whenever you are tempted by foods that aren’t beneficial towards your goals, think about how you will feel or have felt when you are confident, fit and physically secure with yourself.

3. “Food is Fuel”
Remember that your body is a machine and that in order to work properly, it needs the correct fuel to supply it with the energy it needs to run efficiently. The most efficient foods come from the healthiest kind: whole, unprocessed, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Remember that food is not just for pleasure…more importantly, food is part of your life process.

4. “You can win today, if you know WHY you lost yesterday”
In order to understand your personal challenges, you need to get in touch with you. Getting in touch with ‘you’ requires reflection as to what triggers you, why it triggers you and how you can avoid those same negative situations in the future. You can win at any game as long as you understand your flaws and learn from your failures.

5. “Your Character is your Destiny”
Continuous physical training requires a lot of discipline, focus, passion and consistency. In any experience, your character is developed, refined and renewed. Understand that the small decisions that you make to assist you towards your long term goals are also small references to your strength in character. That character will be the driving force behind the destiny you create.

6. “In order to grow, you must be challenged”
I’ve used this phrase many times before…in order to grow anything successfully in life: whether it be a business, a bicep or a building…you must be challenged. It is in this transition between pleasure and pain when you develop your strength in character. So when you are tired, when you are in pain, when you are sore as h*ll, understand the long term reward in this short term pain.

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