Top 6 Fit things to jumpstart your New Year countdown.

October 1, 2008

It’s now 3 months until the end of 2008. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???

This is the time when I usually start getting into gear with my goals – I prepare for all the festivities and FOOD ahead…and the best part of this season?


I’ve already noticed a decline actually. It’s not GOOD in the sense that I want EVERYONE to workout all the time regardless of weather, but at the same time…it sure feels good to get your favorite exercise machine!

Here are some things that I would suggest you do to prepare for the New Year’s 3 month countdown:

1) Create goals for bringing in a totally NEW  you in 2009.

2) Re-look at your group exercise schedules and plan for some new classes to try out.

3) CHOOSE your ‘cheat days’ – normally, mine is once a week, BUT if there are holidays, I switch days.

4) Get some cool new workout clothes to get you motivated. (and it’s cheaper now than it will be during the New Year)

5) Plan some winter adventure trips that creates a lot of activity.

6) Start committing yourself to WRITING EVERYTHING you eat down to keep you accountable.

Make your list now! It’s the1st!

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