Tired of Being SICK

March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

I’ve been dealing with a debilitating back injury for the past week. I believe my pain resulted from a combination of dancing in heels (during a girl’s night out) and performing wide legged squats the following day.  After a week of complaining and a consistent supply of Tylenol, I decided to get a hot-stone, deep tissue massage. As my favorite massage therapist, Sue, worked on my shoulder and lower back, I began contemplating  how much pain I was in, after all, I suffer from the same injury at least once a month. As I shrieked at every knot she kneaded, I thought how much longer I was willing to keep doing what I’m doing so I continue getting what I’m getting which in this case, is a sore back.

A few years ago I discovered I was lactose intolerant. Growing up I enjoyed dairy products, especially a pint of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream during a long cheat day. After months of abdominal pain and bloating, I finally gave up consuming dairy products. It wasn’t easy of course. Every time I craved a cold, silky bite of ice cream, I had to remind myself of the instant pain I would be in once the lactose hit my intestines it took a lot of mental discipline to override my short term satisfaction by focusing on the long term consequence.

I’ve done the same thing with eating too much sugar, drinking energy drinks and consuming sugar free’ products including gum, syrups and candy bars. All those things cause an instant, uncomfortable reaction in my body.

Some people have recommended I take products, such as Lactaid, so I can consume lactose without negative effects. However, I’ve always declined that notion because if my body is telling me something then I need to listen to it.

I don’t think we credit the intelligence of our bodies enough. If lactose makes me bloated, then I shouldn’t consume it. If sugar makes my pancreas go on overdrive, then I shouldn’t eat it. If salt makes my heart beat faster, then I should avoid it. As a society we rely on medications such as Lactaid, Insulin and Blood Pressure pills to control what we are doing to our bodies when in truth, if we stop putting trash in our engine, we wouldn’t be dealing with a dirty exhaust system.

So as I lay on the massage table, I asked myself: when am I going to stop trashing my system? I live a fairly healthy lifestyle, but there is so much I’ve aspired to change in the last few months. I want to start meditating every morning and clearing my mind. I want to start stretching more and taking a yoga class. I want to start praying each nightlike on my knees praying, thanking God for blessings and sending prayers to those in need. I want to start consuming an 80% raw food diet and become a good cook. I want to live a more holistic life where I am more in tune with my body, my mind and my spirit.

A famous Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, says a person will get well when they are tired of being sick. It took months for me to avoid buying skittles, sugar free red bulls and orbit chewing gum. It’s taken me years to see a massage therapist about my injury and I wonder how long it would take me to finally incorporate preventative measures so that it will happen less frequently.

Creation first begins with an intention and as I write I know this will initiate my internal engine towards a more holistic destination.  As I sit here with a sore shoulder, a tight neck and an aching back, I know right now, that I am tired of being sick.

I was featured on our local morning show, “Sacramento & Company” this morning
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