the little engine that could.

February 6, 2008

February 5, 2008

Its 4:13am.
I woke up abruptly at 3am and am having a hard time falling back to sleep as I have many projects on my mind. I plan on updating my sites
for the next couple hours, running on the treadmill, then working on my first of two articles due today. Afterwards, I will be working on my
new nonprofits website, preparing for additional articles due on Thursday and prepping for a potential photo shoot scheduled for
Saturday by expelling another jolt of cardio and some strength training.

I have found that my brain is on a non-stop train often running on little gas but a lot of momentum. Like the little engine that could, I sense this unwavering desire to be better than I am, more than I know and all that I could
I am planning fundraisers, designing marketing materials, drawing program ideas, imagining challenges and dreaming of possibilities.

At any given moment
, I have 8 web and 5 program windows open.

At any given part of the day, I am writing down my caloric intake, looking at the clock, answering an email and listening to a podcast.

At any opportunity, I am networking with influencer’s, researching a concept and watching a biography of an inspiring person.

Admittedly, Relentless is probably the least powerful adjective that could describe this force in me.  I have an unquenchable hunger each day that can only be sufficed by progress, development and change.

The most influential energy that has moved me into tremendous action is Love. L
ove is an invisible might that compels us to work harder, reach farther, seek deeper and progress faster .all in an effort to discover a more perfect truth: that when we live a life of gratitude and love, we are a
service to the world, and therefore, our existence sustains and not drains our world and the people who exist and will exist in it.

Each one of us carries a human fear a belief that we are nothing, that we cant make a difference, that we aren’t special..
deep insecurity drives us to make lots of money, own lots of things, identify with lots of titles and constantly strive for rewards that
never make us truly secured in a world where everything changes every day.

In the process of quenching these insecurities, we sacrifice our physical health, our personal loved ones and our present moments to see, feel and experience all that we have, versus what we dont have.

When you are in flow with your life’s calling, you have found an untapped resource where you begin using the over-abundant gift God gave you to reap and grow in your time spent on earth.
Trust yourself…Find yourself…BE yourself.

In the last year, I took many calculated risks. Ive replanted myself, discovered my roots, exposed myself to the light and am now harvesting a new life crop.

I am proud to announce that my fitness nonprofit will be receiving tax exempt status this week. I am happy to present my first fruit I have sowed: Fitness without Borders.

Thank you for reading and God Bless You.


Journal Pictures: February 5, 2008

We are focused on education, leadership and motivation.
I am planning a series of fundraising events this spring and hosting a series of programs beginning July 2008.
In the next 14 days our site will be completed – stay tuned!