Review: Kenya Moore’s Booty Bootcamp

April 24, 2013

I’ve been semi-curious about Kenya Moore’s new fitness DVD on how to get a round ‘stallion booty’ since I overheard her discussing it while listening to Real Housewives of Atlanta on TV (I say listening because I rarely watch TV but will let BRAVO play in the background while I work if I do!) So, when I was asked to review the DVD, I said SURE!

Kenya is actually NOT instructing the video, fitness instructor Nikki Veal is – and she does a great job at it! That was a little disappointing but I realize that Kenya is not a fitness professional and probably wouldn’t do the DVD (or the workout) justice if she did. It reminded me of one of Cindy Crawford’s old workout videos where another trainer instructed her throughout the DVD – it was different as I’m used to the ‘main person’ being the instructor, but it was still a decent workout!

The DVD comes with 3 different booty workouts plus a core workout. I found many of the moves to be 5/6 (out of 10) in terms of intensity. This may/may not be due to the fact that Kenya was smiling the entire time (hey! She was a former Miss USA!) I also thought that her signature moves: the ‘booty bump’ and ‘stallion giddy up’ were interesting to say the least…I liked that those two moves were very simple (I like simplicity) and if my husband saw me perform those moves he would probably want to impregnate me again! I also have to say that Kenya has a pretty good backside. She really does. It makes me want to perform the DVD but in my heart of hearts I know that:

– there is a bit of genetics (in terms of the shape) I think we can all build and tone a great butt.
– in order to build muscle, you need more intensity. That means more weight. That means more squats…which means you probably can’t smile through the workout!

Did I like the video? Sure! For beginners it’s great. There’s nothing like a whole DVD dedicated to building the booty! Do I think you will get a butt like Kenya’s? No. I think with proper diet, cardio and this DVD you can shake off some excess fat and ‘tone’ the muscle that already exists, but in order to build, you need to break some muscle fibers, which will require some weight to do!

If you’re interested in getting a copy, click here.




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