Resonating with the world..

June 16, 2011

June 15, 2011

When I met Emily ten years ago as a new trainer at 24 hour fitness we rarely interacted with each other. In fact, I can’t recall exchanging two sentences with her.  It was by fate that I ran into her around 9am two years ago at the same gym we first became trainers. We exchanged numbers and I hired her as my coordinator for Fitness without Border’s middle school fitness program.  Since then, we’ve developed a friendship through working, shopping, partying and talking about life, love and ambition. In our short time together we’ve experienced misunderstandings, pregnancies, divorce and marriage. I feel so blessed to have shared and help plan her 30th Birthday celebration. After all, her existence means so much to me and if I have the opportunity to display that value I go for it.

It’s interesting that instead of sharing ten years of me and Emily’s lives as friends, instead we’ve only had two. While I would’ve enjoyed having her as a confidant in my twenties during trials with work, love and self identity, the truth is is that we weren’t ready for each other then.

People join when they resonate with each other.

I learned a lot about the word resonation’ when I became good friends with a man I admire, Mike Mahler. He would use that word constantly in our conversations and it made instant sense to me. Like two identical forks if one starts to vibrate, the other will begin to vibrate or resonate with it. This is why likes attract likes’ and why birds of a feather flock together.’

Ten years ago I didn’t have a lot of female friends. I always had a close girlfriend I confided in, but I rarely spent recreational time shopping with girlfriends or enjoying a girls night out’. I don’t like to describe myself as that girl’ who only thought she could be friends with guys. However, I will say that it was easier to befriend men versus women, even if the men only pretended to be your friend to eventually date you. Today I realize that my inability to make strong connections with women was not because of their insecurity but because of mine.

I was bullied by girls in high school which made it difficult for me to express and develop myself through female friendships during that time. After strengthening my inner confidence, I still found it difficult throughout college maintain friendships with girls.

It wasn’t until I began a deeper inner transformation during my mid-twenties when I felt connected with every women regardless of age or shape. In this humble moments, I not only began resonating with other women more instantly, I felt connections with every person around me. I didn’t feel an instant barrier.

I felt united.

When we are young we create physical divisions and we compete athletically and scholastically. We yearn for personal identity and define much of our worth based on our differences. A person’s emotional maturity is dependent upon the ability to bridge differences and create cohesiveness with themselves and their universe.

A person’s maturity is based upon how much they can ‘resonate’ with others. In my personal journey towards emotional and spiritual maturity I’ve lost and gained a lot of people. Sometimes I like to think about old friends or former loves sometimes I wonder how single decisions could’ve altered the life I exist in today.

I ask about chances.about destiny and about fate?

When I question God’s plan, I come back to the law of resonance also known as, the law of attraction’. Ten years ago Emily and I would not have clicked’ as friends. Ten years ago David and I would not have vibed’ as partners. But ten years later as we are all growing, experiencing, maturing and developing

We are resonating on a progressive path together…

Her goal was to be more ‘girly’ this year so I asked everyone to gift her with accessories!

I surprised her with a humongous birthday cake. She was so
surprised!! I was too…I wasn’t expecting it to be so big! 

Red Velvet..yum! I also personalized it with an edible Bosu
ball, yoga mat, weights and kettlebells. (She’s a trainer)
For those of you who are in the Sacramento area, my cake maker
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Dancing at “The Mix” – It was so crowded that night.
If you look closely you can see my three month baby bump!

With Steph – so happy she FINALLY made it out!