Raising Entrepreneurs.

January 28, 2020

Beyond being a #noexcusemom, I am a mom. My goal is to raise hardworking, humble and heart-centered human beings. I constantly ask myself, “am I preparing them enough for the real world?”

My middle man, who is often the most money-savvy, has asked me how he can make money outside of waiting for the next birthday to arrive. He thought of selling cookies, which makes sense since we have done that in the past together. He created a business plan complete with supply costs, marketing ideas and financial numbers.

One day while coming home I saw the mandarin tree was bearing too much fruit in our yard. I told him he should consider bagging and selling it to our neighbors. So, he did that. Right then and there. He grabbed a large grocery bag, started picking and proudly brought it inside. I told him to weigh it and compare the costs of each lb. with local grocers so we can competitively price it. He did that.

The next day, with his sign and fruit, he went out to the street corner and was open for business. He smiled and waved at each passing car. He held up his product and ran to each buyer. Within 40 mins he made $24.

When he arrived home, his siblings took quick notice. Almost immediately they started picking fruit and making signs. We knocked on our neighbor’s door, who had a large overgrowth of both mandarin and lemons and asked if we could pick their fruit for a small amount – they offered freely. The kids were beyond ecstatic.

Within the hour they were out on the corner again, hustling midday, to sell inexpensive fruit to passing cars. There were bickering back-and-forth. An elder neighbor came out asking if he can help, my son proudly said, “Yes! You can be my first employee!” Between friends who stopped their cars, fathers who walked their sons to buy a bag, a kind gentleman who left a generous tip without purchasing and the endless support of kind older women, it was a successful, satisfying and chaotic few hours to say the least.

They made $86 that day. For a few hours work and minimal production costs, I was proud of all of them. Someone asked what they do with their money – well, they all keep it in separate areas, but rarely do they spend it. They save it for things they really want, knowing that whatever purchased doesn’t represent an unconscious desire but a memory of what it took to make the money they are now giving away…

Nothing comes from nothing. In order to achieve something, you must do something. Don’t wait, create. Opportunities exist only to those who seek more for their lives.

The following day we served in church. That afternoon, my stepdaughter experienced her first modeling assignment. We all feasted on boba drinks that evening. It was a win in the Kang-Casler household.

I’m still unsure every day if I’m doing this motherhood thing right. One kid is behind in reading. The other lacks social friendships. Another is prideful while one is insecure. This sh*t is not easy.

But, I’m trying.

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