one year defined.

March 20, 2006

March 19, 2006


In 2 days it will be this website’s one year anniversary! Wow, my journals have definitely changed since I first began with a simple paragraph expressing how learning about you is ‘fun.’


Well the enthusiasm hasn’t drifted, nor has the desire to recollect each week and move forward by understanding where I stand ‘right now.’


Where I am ‘right now’ is like trying to capture an moment in life through the tiny millisecond of a camera photo – while the picture represents that moment in time, as you look closer, the pixels and the photons that created the ‘image’ being viewed today – is only that: an ‘image’ – a small, minute symbol of a life ‘passed.’


Every second life is ‘passing’ us by. Life is filled with ‘moments’ – moments that quickly disappear if you don’t capture the opportunity to hold onto it a little longer. The only way to grasp that opportunity is to consistently show gratitude for the blessings you have in your life. Blessings are people, places and things that are never taken for granted, never accepted as a ‘normal’ occurrence, blessings are miracles that happen every day.


We are blessed when we can eat good food, drink clean water and sleep in a warm house. We are blessed when we have a job, a car, a bank account we are blessed when we have people who support, love and guide us towards positive directions in life.


This website was a blessing to me. It allowed me to become connected with like-minded people who understand what it meant to live with a deep, hungry level of passion.


One day this site, my face and my body will become a memory – and the image of this current existence will saturate photons and particles that make up the quality of an old photo.


In 2 days, the memory of creating the 1st 5 pages of this site: adding pictures, making my bio, writing my first journal entry, will all come to present focus. While many things have changed and while many lessons have been taught, one thing never changes: and that is the constant desire to make my image ‘whole’ – while I am trapped in human form, knowing that there is a deep well of curiosity, understanding and knowledge.I can live peacefully knowing that there is much more to me than anyone will ever know. Not even me.


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