My son’s summer camp at iD Tech

May 15, 2019

This post is sponsored by iD Tech.

Do you ever feel like a ‘bad mother’ for letting your kid play video games?

When I walk downstairs in the morning, my eldest is already in my office playing Roblox. When I enter the family room, my youngest is already watching his 20th slime video on YouTube. When I go the kitchen, my middle guy is eating breakfast while listening to music on his new iPod touch.

As much as I’ve limited screen time, denied smart phones, changed the passwords to my computer and refused to buy a video game console, they are still completely enthralled by technology.

I can try to manage it, but I can’t escape it.  Technology is our future and this young generation is excited to create, program, build and entertain. Instead of fighting it, I’ve decided to empower them. After all, it’s not about losing control, it’s about gaining control by understanding how technology works and allowing it to work for you.

As usual I was prepping for the boy’s summer activities and travels and came across iD Tech, a summer camp specializing in STEM education. They have served over 400,000 students in the past 20 years.

Here’s a few great things I found about  :

  • Students range from ages 7-19 and learn to code, design video games, produce

videos, design Fortnight-inspired levels, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, engineer

robots, model and print 3D characters, work with AI and machine learning, build

Laptops, learn about cybersecurity, and more and year-round online private lessons

  • They are in 150 prestigious college campuses including Stanford, Caltech, NYU and Sacramento State (yay me!)
  • It’s not all serious! They have dress-up days, raffles outdoor activities, gaming, and tournaments. music video parodies. Even Pie-your-instructor Fridays.

As a parent, I am excited about taking ownership over their obsession with technology. My goal is to empower them through education and helping them build a lifelong passion for tech alongside new friends with the same interests as them.

Investing in your mind, body and spirit always brings long term gains. So I plan on registering my eldest son this July to a course at Sacramento State. He’s going to learn how to be a Roblox Entrepreneur by mastering Lua Coding and Game Scripts! This can lead to a career in coding and development after college – knowing that game designers can make over a million each year definitely motivates him (and us!) also.

For more information on courses near you, click here. If you are interested in enrolling your kid in a week’s camp at iD tech, do not forget to use the code KANG19 for a discount! Sessions sell-out quickly, so get started today at or call (888) 709-8324 for personalized course recommendations.

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