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November 4, 2019

The other night we celebrated my Lola’s 89th birthday. We sat enjoying our favorite sushi dishes rich in Omega-3’s such as salmon. My grandmother (lola) was vibrant – slow but healthy, beautiful and classy. She has the kind of eyes that brightly smile and a voice so quiet, it requires your full attention.

She inspires me to grow old gracefully.

Besides her busy social life, her petite frame reflects the healthy diet abundant in Filipino food rich in fish. Whenever I visit her home, there is usually Sinigang on her stove, a popular Filipino stew made with milkfish or salmon. For dinner there is usually another fish dish like Paksiw na Isda, a.k.a. fish in vinegar or fried fish – a dish you ate with an abundance of rice!

Unfortunately, I’m not an exceptional chef, especially when it comes to my native cuisines. My sons love to eat baked salmon and sometimes enjoy breaded Tilapia, even though Tilapia is  has low levels of Omega-3s.

You all know I’ve been taking my MegaRedUS Omega-3 supplements since my trip to Rhode Island where I learned how even with my well-rounded diet, I was still falling short and should explore supplementation. Well – after 30 days taking them – I feel like I’ve been less stressed, been sleeping better and my skin looks more refreshed. Ya’ll need to add this to your daily routine. I know one of the reasons my Lola has been able to age so gracefully is because of her Omega-3 rich diet and I am glad I’ve figured out a way to incorporate that same idea through MegaRedUS 
As I look into the future, there’s nothing to lose by increasing your Omega-3 intake.Try MegaRedUS to help increase your omega-3 index and support joint, brain, heart and eye health and DO let me know what you think! #ad #partner

Happy Birthday Lola. May we all be where you are mentally, physically and spiritually when we grow older.

Wonderful birthday dinner with my Lola. Super thankful to still have her presence.
My most consistent supplement!

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