Motherhood CAN make me better.

December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012

I’ve been toying with the idea of competing. Since I am prepping for a photoshoot in January, I thought, “why not compete at the same time?” The difference in my preparation for both endeavors is an extra 30 minutes of cardio, one less bite of my son’s pb sandwich and foregoing any holiday temptations outside the allotted ‘free’ meals.  Focusing on a contest will also motivate me to eat more consistently, sleep more regularly and train more intensely. It will require me to be more focused when I train, more efficient when I work and more present when I’m with my children.

It seems ever since I semi-committed to this new goal my life has gone from super busy to incredibly busy. Besides work and daily chores, my children have also been sick these past few days. I’ve had sleepless nights with the baby, leaving me lethargic during awake hours. For the past two days, I managed to only train ten minutes in the morning before a child wakes and needs attention. Yesterday, when I was finally able to eat my breakfast, my middle child managed to consume half my meal without me looking. After a busy weekend filled with two parties, including one I hosted with over 230 guests, I am now busily preparing for my son’s first birthday party on Saturday.

People often question what I sacrifice when trying to keep a toned physique. They often think it’s money spent on a nanny, surgeon or graphic designer (for photo shopping). Many wrongfully suggest that being healthy takes time away from my kids.

The truth is that if you really want something, you will make it happen.

My life leaves little room for leisure reading, website browsing or television watching. Working on my businesses, raising 3 young children and maintaining a household feels like a sleep-walking-sprint nearly every day.

However, being healthy and being incredibly fit are two different things. So far, I’ve been able to manage training 5-6 days a week for 45-60 minutes at a time. I’ve been able to lose weight by clean eating with a couple cheat meals and snacks here and there. Lately I’ve also been skipping meals, sleeping less and training with less intensity.  My life is starting to steam roll me and I feel the need to gain control again. I need to start taking care of myself as much as I take care of my children, my husband and my employees.

I haven’t competed since 2003. In that year I won Miss Philippines  USA, Miss SF Chinatown, Miss Bikini California and placed top five in both Bikini Nationals and Model America. This all happened in one year.

So you can imagine how much my busy life today reflects my life in years passed.  I’ve always used competitions to bring out the very best in me. I know what internally motivates me to be a better life performer, which has helped me grow in profession and physical condition.

Competing still motivates me but at a different level now that I’m a mom. I want to say, “I don’t have the time” – but I know I can find an extra 30 minutes somewhere. I can say, “I want to be able to treat myself during this holiday season” – but I know I am happiest when I’m disciplined. The biggest thing I’m internally saying is “I have 3 kids. My body and competitive level has changed” – but the truth is, maybe the other competitors never dealt with a pregnancy, stretched skin, weight gain, sleepless nights, sick children and a hectic schedule…but that’s what makes this effort extra-ordinary.

Life is about owning your choices and changing your circumstances. I’ve always desired a big family with kids streaming all one year apart. I’ve always wanted to create my profession so I can work and stay home with my kids. Winning at life goals requires a level of discipline, focus, sacrifice and determination.  Utilizing my maternal abilities to manage time, prepare family meals, focus on work and complete a million things in a single day will only make me a better competitor.

Motherhood can make me better.


I took this yesterday morning. This is less than six weeks out.
My children are ages (in decimals) 3.75, 2.5 and nearly .90! LOL

I will be posting a lot of my prep pictures on Instagram #mariakangfitness

With my big brother at the Christmas party this weekend. My siblings are 33, I’m 32, my two younger sisters are 30 and 29!

The Elf on the Shelf has a crush on mommy!! haha!

Candid shot my eldest took while playing with my phone. My youngest became
sick first so I had to put him back in a bjourn to get some work done. The
crazy thing is – I hurt my back earlier that morning. It doesn’t matter when your
kids are sick though….having kids gives you superhuman strength!!!!!


  • Reply Tenisha December 16, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Awesome blog! I can totally relate to you! Its refreshing & motivating to find other moms moms living the fit life while taking care of their families too! I have two children ages 4 and 1 & my goal is to continue striving to be my fittest self. Like you said, if you really want something you will make it happen! Wishing you much success in your upcoming endeavors I will definitely be keeping checking back in with you again. 🙂

    • Reply Maria Kang December 18, 2012 at 3:18 pm

      Thanks so much! I plan on starting a “No Excuse” plan so be on the lookout!

  • Reply Daniel Fisher October 14, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Mrs. Kang, I read the yahoo article and decided to look you up so I could give you my story. I am a 61 y/o disabled RN male. I have struggled with obesity since I was in the third grade. Now, being disabled due to multiple health problems (if you really want the details email me and I will tell you) I have decided that enough is enough. Since earlier this year I went on a 1500 calorie diet and have lost 66 lbs. Since I can’t exercise due to my health problems it has taken most of this year to accomplish this. I also wanted you to know how incredible you look in your pictures. Looking that great, owning two businesses and taking care of three kids and your husband, that is is absolutely awesome. I know your husband has to be very proud of you. Congratulations!!

  • Reply Eric October 16, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Hello Maria, Great Blog! I just read an MSN article about the negative response you received after posting the photo of you and your three kids on your Facebook page. I’m not surprised by the negative comments. I guess being motivated to stay in great shape is just plain evil to many members of society, but Bullying? Really? What a shame people have to resort to shameless name-calling. Growing up I always took to being active in my lifestyle. I trained as an amateur/pro speed skater in my youth, but now enjoy casual recreational sports as an adult (running, skating, bike riding, weightlifting, etc.). If there’s one thing I try to impress on those who look at exercise as a grind, or say they don’t have the time to do it, I tell them, find something that’s fun, but active to do. Then their workouts won’t be so grueling and you will enjoy it so much you will make the time to get out and do it often. Once the habit is built the rest becomes history. Keep up the great work! I look forward to your future blogs!

  • Reply Maternity Point December 13, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Hi Maria, You have an awesome blog. You are truly an inspiration for many moms worldwide. I am going to pen an article about you in my blog about motherhood.

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