Mommy Fitness: Vacation “weight”

February 24, 2012

Everyone seems to gain weight  on vacation. After all, you don’t workout, you don’t eat your regular foods and you want to try out new cuisines! That was certainly the case for me when my husband surprised me on a trip to Paris for Valentine’s Day. We indulged on croissants daily. I enjoyed chocolates, panini’s and whatever was available at the cafe’s we visited. We walked a lot. I had ten extra pounds from carrying the baby in an Ergo carrier the entire time. So of course, after a nice seven day trip to Paris I was concerned that I MAY have gained extra weight. After all, most people gain weight…but I also knew that in my history, I’ve always lost weight on vacations for some reason.

So did I lose weight on vacation????

I lost 3 pounds! I am now officially in the 130’s making me THIS much closer to being in the 120’s (which is where I am comfortable at) My baby is now ten weeks. My body is coming back to normal slowly…my waist is starting to show again. I feel fairly good  knowing that the weather is starting to get warmer and my body is starting to trim into place makes me excited.

However, since arriving home I’ve been sick. I haven’t been able to workout or eat correctly… or even eat at all.

I only like to eat three different foods:

– Spinach wrap at Starbucks

– Protein shake and wheat thins

– Egg whites with a slice of bread

I snack on:

– oatmeal

– animal cookies

– apples

** I have to mention if there is candy around I would snack on that – but there never is. Even though I don’t like eating right now, I can always go for a bag of skittles!!!!

EVERYTHING else doesn’t feel appetizing. Seriously! Can you imagine? I seriously only eat those foods. I know I need to mix it up and it’s hard. Since I’m still nursing it’s REALLY hard to keep my supply up since I feel sick and I really don’t feel like eating.

So, my goal is (and it’s Friday as I write this) is to:

1) Be ready to start training again on Monday

2) Up my food intake and diversify it

3) Drink lots of water

4) Make a habit of training at 5am. (I have been getting up at 5am these days and sleeping around 10…it’s so ideal, I love it!~ It’s because my body is still in Paris time)

Doing a standing split in front of the Eiffel Tower!


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