Mommy Fitness: no workouts

March 23, 2012

My goal last week was to workout at least 3 days at minimum.

I worked out a total of …….

0 times.


I was busy. I was bloated. I felt sick.

and I was busy.

When you have three little kids it’s SO hard to get a workout in.

For example, today I wanted to workout. I woke up late though because my 3-month-old baby kept me up at various parts of the night. By the time it was time to get up, I had a meeting. After the meeting I had a ton of things to do. I can’t remember right now because I’m so tired. (It’s nearly midnight) My goal was to workout at 4pm before my meetings at 5:30pm and 6:00pm. However, I started cooking dinner. Then I started to get hungry. So I chose to eat (which was chicken breast and brussel sprouts) and workout after my meetings at 7pm.

Did I workout?


I brought my eldest son with me because he was throwing a fit from being home all day. I thought that I could just bring him to the kids area but after my last meeting, I became very unmotivated. Why was I unmotivated?

Yesterday evening when I went to the gym around 7pm it was incredibly busy and hot. I usually don’t train at night as I hate the gym night scene, but I was determined to workout. And I proudly did. However, I wasn’t having it tonight. I also thought about the possible germs Christian could get in the kids club because the weather has been so nasty lately. All of us have been sick these past few weeks so it’s nice to all be somewhat recovering – I didn’t want to ruin this awesome trend we were on!

So I ran more errands and told myself I would run on my treadmill when I got home. Did I run on my treadmill?


I got busy. The baby was crying. My parents (who are in China right now) needed help calling United Airlines about a lost baggage. I got distracted…AND, I got hungry.

So I ate some chicken.

Then some brussel sprouts.

And then a piece of toast with Nutella.

Yes, you read that right. I broke down.

I felt a pain in my stomach to eat something ‘more’ than protein and vegetables. And so I did.

I ate something outside of my normal diet AND I failed to workout today.

This is an example of how a person like myself: someone so motivated, dedicated and focused…

can become very unfocused.

Despite not having worked out last week my weight did drop. I’m sure my weight will continue to decline despite not working out and eating some Nutella this evening.

Why does my weight still drop despite my fitness setbacks?

Because I’m consistent.

Some people say they feel terrible about taking a break from the gym for two weeks – sometimes one month! I always tell them not to worry because in the long haul, two weeks out of the many years of your life training is nothing. As long as you stay consistent in the long run, that’s all that matters.

So what if I couldn’t train for a week. It’s not like I do that ALL the time. (except for the three times after I gave birth in these past three years!) LOL

My goal is to workout 3-4 times this week.

I also decided to be more lenient on myself and allow two free meals a week. (not one whole day) Usually my free meal is somewhere in the middle of the week and sometime during the weekend.

I am not traveling this weekend so it will be nice. I plan on catching up on so many things. Right now it’s nearly midnight, my hair is wet from a shower and I just tidied up the house and did the laundry. When the boys are asleep it’s so exciting because I feel like I’m free to do whatever I want! Most of the time I want to crawl up in bed and watch the Food Network or Real Housewives, but that NEVER happens. I always end up catching up on emails, completing some work tasks, writing, cleaning, etc.

Oh, the wonderful, busy life of being a mom.

In LA for the IHRSA Fitness Convention.

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  • Reply Grace March 26, 2012 at 5:32 am

    I admire you for having 3 kids and trying to stay on top of it all! Sometimes you won’t be able to get it ALL done and that’s ok as long as you keep moving forward! A little nutella is fine… You are consistent otherwise!

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