Mommy Fitness: my scale is ‘off’

April 26, 2012

My husband weighed himself the other day and the scale was anywhere between 5-7 pounds off. I was shocked! I was weighing in around 130….but when I started declining to 128 I also knew the scale might not be correct because my clothes weren’t matching what the scale measured. So, I began a mission on weighing myself on several different scales. In the end, I ended up purchasing a new scale.

So how does it feel to be heavier than you originally thought?

Well – it’s all a mind game. It really is. You shouldn’t base your happiness and success off a number on a scale. You should base it off how you feel and how much you’ve progressed. For me, I’m fitting into old jeans. I am more consistent about running. I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight since the birth of my third son four months ago.

Seeing me weight higher DID throw me off though. How could it  not? My husband didn’t understand because I lost a lot of weight regardless of the number. I told him, imagine you had $100,000 in your account and found out it’s really only $70,000. It’s still a lot of money but DAMN! Right?!!

So, I was annoyed. And I decided to rev up my fitness mission since I’ve been trying but not REALLY trying. I don’t do nearly the same things I did the first go around with Christian and Nicholas.  When I was wondering about the scale accuracy I measured myself for the first time in a couple years.

So, I bought a new scale. I started writing my daily intake again. I created a new fitness calendar. And I made a goal of scheduling a photoshoot at the end of July. It will be an incredible achievement to look fantastic seven months after giving birth. I want to stay focused so I know committing myself to a shoot and putting a monetary deposit on it will definitely make me driven and disciplined.

My rules for the next 12 weeks are:

1. FOCUS on my diet. It’s all about the diet after all. For me, that means, eating consistently. Sometimes I get so busy I don’t eat. It also means more chicken breast and egg whites. I usually avoid protein unless it’s in a shake form, so this will be a challenge.

2. RUN. I have a treadmill in my office now. So there’s no excuse. In fact, the other night I just put on my sneakers and ran in my pajamas. It was my second workout of the day. I just felt the need to move before dinner – and so I ran three miles.

3. Focus on INTENSITY. It’s not how long you work out for – it’s how intense you are. How engaged you are with your mind and body…how hard you are truly working!! Sometimes people casually talk while training or read a book. If you are doing that, you’re not training hard enough.

4. Take Supplements daily. This is also something I’m not very routine about. My supplements include a multivitamin, EFA’s and a protein shake. I plan on adding glutamine (for muscle recovery) and a fat loss pill (for mostly energy).

5. Focus on the Future! Envisioning yourself to be fit and healthy is so key to your weight loss. Constantly reminding yourself of who you want to be by the end of this year (or for me by August) is important. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!!!

This experience with my scale being ‘off’ really could’ve effected me negatively. But it didn’t. It made me think of the positives and also realize that the scale didn’t mean anything. It was only one measurement of my success. Your success is also measured by how you feel, how many inches you lost, how your clothes feel, how your diet and training progressed, etc.

So today is Thursday. I weighed in at 136. Perfect.

My goal is:

120-125 pounds

Body Composition:
Lean arms
Defined Abs
Round Butt
Strong Legs

Easily perform:
Six miles (running is my hardest type of cardio)
30 pushups in a row (I used to perform 60+ but get tired because my core is weak)
3 pull ups (I used to perform 8 until I became heavier and weaker)
2 minutes of plank exercise (my core is so weak)

THIS may seem too much for many of you.  These are my goals after all. These goals are based off of what I KNOW I can accomplish because I have been there at some level in the last ten years. I suggest you look at your personal goals. Take down your measurements. Track your progress and use different forms of success.

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It was 7:30pm. I was in my PJ's. I just put on my running shoes and hopped on my treadmill before dinner last week.

My new 12 week calendar! My baby is posing with it!

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