Mommy Fitness: My CORE workout

April 11, 2012

I made it a goal to start training more core more often. After having three kids in three years my midsection has definitely lost the strength it once had. Push ups is a great example of how weak my core is….I can’t even perform ten without my ab area getting tired (even before my chest does!)

So here is what I’m doing:

I’m using a stopwatch (on my phone)

I start with the PLANK. It’s like a pushup but you’re not moving. I usually position myself on my elbows. Right now I can only hold it for about 30 seconds (this is a TERRIBLE number for me) But that’s what I could do! So I hold it for 30 seconds making sure I suck in my gut and I rest for 30 seconds. Sometimes I try to get to 35 seconds (without crying). I perform this for at least 4 sets.

While I am on the mat I perform SUPERMANS. I basically lay on my stomach and raise my legs and arms upward. The higher you go, the more flexible (and stronger) you are. I used to be really good. Now I can only go up maybe a couple inches. And it hurts! I sometimes hold it for 30 seconds or add some movement by moving my arms and legs up and down.

After working on my transverse abdominals (my deepest core muscle) and lower back, I focus on my outer muscles by performing:

25 toe touches (lay on back with legs straight up and I crunch up to touch my toes)

25 bicycles

25 reverse crunches

and I repeat this three times with a minute break between sets.

SO – right now, that is my core workout. It will get harder when my core becomes stronger. Right now, my belly is pooped after that last set. I plan on doing this four times a week probably for the next month.

Body 3 1/2 months after baby. My core needs A LOT of work 🙁


  • Reply Natasha Smith October 21, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    U r an inspiration to me ever since I saw u on GMA with ur Facebook profile pic. I have been taking ur fitness tips and incorporating my 2 yr old daughter n 2 my workout once n a while. A big part of my issue was with motivation and finding time with my daughter. I have started getting up earlier and I found my motivation n my daughter. I’m not over weight but I am having difficulty staying n shape after having my daughter. But I take ur advice n ur posts and find time 5days/wk. Sometimes n the evening as well as n the morning for something to do with my lil 1. Thank you so much for ur inspiration.

  • Reply Aryanne December 4, 2013 at 4:30 am

    The first time I read about you was when everyone was grumbling about your photo. I personally think that you are more inspiring than depressing. I have realized that I have no excuse. That being healthy and fit should have no “buts”. I have given birth to my second daughter last May 2012. I weighed as much as 164lbs while preggers, coming from a pre-pregnancy weight of 95lbs! A week after giving birth, I weighed 120lbs. I was itching to exercise, but can’t because I gave birth via C-Section. I waited it out for about 6months. The only workout I had was taking care of the kids and my chores at home (I’m a stay-at-home mommy). Now, I weigh about 112lbs and have started doing situps and planks. No particular diet, though, as I am breastfeeding. Just normal portions so I won’t crave too much and start binging or something.

    What I’m saying is, THANK YOU. You are an inspiration. For proving that being a mom is no excuse to get fat and unhealthy. Thank you. I sure hope I could get abs soon though. Ah well, I have the whole of December to work on it. Not afraid of the holidays. Haha!

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