Mommy Fitness: Getting Ansy

January 5, 2012

It’s been 2.5 weeks since I gave birth. Most of my days consist of nursing, cleaning and walking up and down my stairs at home. This week I have avoided going out because my children are sick and the idea of taking them anywhere already creates feelings of stress and anxiousness.  I decided that I would start doing a couple new things this week:

1) Start eating a little cleaner

2) Start writing what I am eating down.

How am I doing?

I’m failing at both! it’s definitely hard to write down what I’m eating all the time – and it’s definitely hard when you don’t really like what you’re eating because they aren’t exactly healthy! What do I mean by not healthy? I mean skittles. I have oatmeal cookies at home I snack on as well. I’m also trying to avoid any type of liquid besides tea and water. I’ve made a terrible habit of drinking soy lattes and even though it’s not that bad for you, it’s not as calorie friendly as water and not as budget friendly as water either! LOL

In this pregnancy I gained around 38 pounds. I already lost nearly 20. I need to drop 20 more in order to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. This is normal. I have gained and lost the same 35-40 pounds in the last two years.  It doesn’t make it easier though!

However, I do have to say that I have certain habits that make it easier.

What are my habits?

– I usually drink mainly water.

– I typically order salad at restaurants, even when I was pregnant!

– I always drink a protein shake daily

– I take my vitamins

– I eat small meals throughout the day.

So what do I need to do to get my diet on a weight loss track?

– Stop eating sugar

– Eat more vegetables

– Throw away all the holiday chocolate!

As you can see, my main vice is sugar. SO if I can cut that out right now, I could lose two pounds by next week. Right now I am also feeling incredibly ansy as my body feels like it can workout – especially since I’m used to working out weekly. I don’t want to cause potential injury (because my body is ‘coming together’ again) so I definitely don’t want to do any crossfit training, but I will start walking and performing some light exercise DVDs at home.

I MAY start taking a light dance class next week. We will see.

I took this shot the other day. This is my 2-weeks-post-labor-belly.

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