Mommy Fitness: Frustration

May 18, 2012

Last week I worked out 6 days a week at 7am in the morning. This week is MUCH different. I have been so busy – especially in the night with a teething baby – that it’s so tough to obviously make it to the gym in the morning. When I start my day and the kids are already awake, then I have to cook breakfast, start cleaning up and answering emails. When 10am rolls around, I am not in the mood to train. (I usually don’t train in the day hours) So, while I trained every day this week, it’s been very sporadic.  Sometimes  I will work out at 8am, 3pm or 7pm!

Most often I run on the treadmill because it’s most convenient. It’s hilarious if I took a picture because the baby is in his jumper, the two boys are somewhere close by climbing on my office chair or playing legos.

Yesterday I really didn’t want to work out. I just had my nails done (story about my nails later) and I had a women’s retreat at my church that evening. SO I had a gap – a gap in which I decided I would workout. OF course, it was 4pm (I don’t usually train at this time) and I wasn’t as motivated…and I even told my mom (who was with me) that “I’m going to go workout but I really don’t want to.”

Then my mom said, “How do you do that? Workout when you don’t want to?”

Funny hearing that from her because she really hates working out and has gotten a little better with her eating…

I told her, “I don’t know? Discipline? I just don’t think about it – I just do it.”

And that’s the KEY people!!! Don’t think about it, just DO IT! That’s why I like working out in the morning. I’m not think that much and I don’t have a lot of distractions a.k.a. excuses – so I just go out the door!

ANYWAYS – that’s not what this blog is about because I am also FRUSTRATED.

I’m frustrated because the number on the scale refuses to move. Right now I am feeling nausea so I am certain I will getting my period soon. When I do, I usually lose 3-4 lbs soon after. When I don’t see the scale move, of course it makes me not want to work as hard. But, then I end up working harder – because I’m determined.

So, ever since I found out I’m heavier than I thought, I’ve only lost one pound. However, I decided to check my measurements since YOU CANNOT JUST USE THE SCALE AS A MEASUREMENT OF YOUR SUCCESS.

SO what are the results???

I lost almost an inch off my waist and over an inch off my hips!

This is an example of how important it is to track your success by every measurement: your clothes, your measuring tape, your gym visits, your scale, your body fat percentage, your blood pressure, etc.

Today is Friday. My goal is to workout both today and tomorrow. Today is Back day. Tomorrow is arms!

This was taken last Saturday. I had two parties to attend that day and wore size26 jeans to remind myself not to eat much because I didn't want my muffin top to explode!

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