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February 2, 2010

I’ve been a crazy working mom lately. NON STOP. The only time I have some real peace is in the morning time. I’ve stopped going to my 7am fitness program at the school (for my nonprofit) since we have a fitness coordinator and an intern there…however, I do try to make it out there once a week. At first I thought I wouldn’t take it well since I like to get up early (even though every time I do I hate it) but I usually LOVE it after I leave the students.

It has been a great thing to find the intern when we did because I’m now 10 weeks away from giving birth and I’m getting busier in other areas of my life. I have two meetings today – both dealing with the nonprofit. I also have  to run errands, buy stuff for my business and drop by a carehome.

In the midst of this, I really DO want to workout! It’s definitely hard though. I have to admit it, I’m terrible right now. I train maybe 2 times a week.  3 if I am lucky. However, my body gets a workout every day when I force it to move when it really doesn’t want to! I’ve gained 20lbs now and I’m at a pretty good weight for this long into the pregnancy. As I mentioned before, for some reason, eating doesn’t appetize me. In fact, I have to force myself to eat (esp towards the end of the day) because I get so busy, my adrenaline is so high…that I don’t feel like eating. And I have no cravings!

I have my standard protein shake and waffles in the morning – I take a fruit with me when I’m driving …but those are the only two consistent daily meals. At lunch time and dinner I’m scrambling to figure out what to eat or what even sounds good. Which is interesting because I used to LOVE Mexican – and now, everything sounds like too much food? Makes me sick thinking about how much food…


I plan on training at home in about 20 minutes (after I wake the baby and feed him) – I spent almost two hours cleaning the house last night and it’s perfect! I LOVE it when it’s clean!!!! Then I’m off to Costco – then to my first meeting, then to the care home, then to my 2nd meeting, then picking up a desk, then bank…

AND I’m bringing little Christian almost everywhere I’m going.

With my Falcons 4 Fitness Team! Cheree and Emily! We are
at the student field trip this weekend at Sky High!

29 weeks belly shot! It looks small but my doctor says
he’s perfect! AND she said I’m a cute pregnant lady! 🙂

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