Mommy Fitness Blog: TODAY IS MY DUE DATE!!!!!

April 12, 2010

Indeed it is!! Will he come today? I definitely don’t feel it. I am proud to say that we cleaned the garage, organized the baby’s clothes, packed Christian’s bag (for his baby sitter) and packed my bag for the hospital…I even finished an article last night and am more ‘work ready’ to have this baby…but I still don’t think I am ‘willing’ him to come yet. I still need to finish some paperwork before I can feel: “Okay, come out now.” 🙂

In truth, I really want a day when I wake up and don’t have a list to do and can actually sit and watch a movie at night without being distracted by another deadline approaching. I just want everything to be off my plate before this baby arrives!!!! AND YET, he’s supposed to arrive today. Honestly, I think he will come late (obviously) it almost seems like he is going to camp out there for another few weeks.

I don’t know if I will work out this week. I tried to last week but was too busy. I wake up sore all over each morning though! I may do something light…especially when I really start to go passed my due date. I feel good. There is some pressure ‘down there’…but I don’t feel extremely uncomfortable yet. Nothing is swollen – just waiting!

Taken last week at 39 weeks.

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