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May 2, 2011

Right no it’s 2:30pm. My boys nap usually from 1ish to 4ish every day…while sometimes I end up falling asleep with them for a bit, I also know that this is the only time I have to sit on my computer and type! Yep, when the kids are awake, they absolutely HATE it when they find me sitting at my desk….especially Nicholas. He immediately comes over, crying, wanting me to pick him up, place him on my lap – so he can start messing with EVERYTHING on my desk.

This morning I woke up a little late AGAIN. My alarm went off at 5:30am – I got up at 6:00am…made it to the gym just in time to do 30 minutes of running and some  butt exercises. Then I went to my school program where I performed yoga with them. I get home around 8:20am. (Knowing that I will be home in two hours and can go back to bed IF I wanted really motivates me when I don’t want to train in the morning.) When I arrive, the boys are already up and ready to eat. From the moment I arrive to around 1pm, it’s ALL about them. THIS is why the BEST time for me to workout is in the morning (preferably 5am). I am usually too exhausted towards evening time AND I cook and eat dinner – so trying to time my workout and eating is really tough in the evening. Another reason why EARLY EARLY morning is best is because my son Christian HATES seeing me go anywhere. It’s interesting how they don’t care when they see daddy leaving or typing on the computer…but when it comes to me, oh boy! It’s a totally different story. Last week there were a couple times I opened the garage at 6am and Christian ran out crying….and there went my workout!

This past weekend was pretty good. I went to San Francisco yesterday because my good friend Brian was in town and he just celebrated his 40th birthday! I splurged a little bit at dinner time as I took him to a nice fancy restaurant to eat. We walked ALL around the Marina district, which was awesome because the weather so beautiful and I FELT our power walk later on that day. On Saturday I took a Zumba class and performed some butt training. I love Zumba! I love dance classes in general but recently I’ve really taken to Zumba.  The other class I used to attend often is called DPX (Dance Party Extreme) but since I have been M.I.A. for a few months, I feel like I will be so lost if I attend it again as there are a lot of counts to remember. Zumba is much easier to follow and it has great Brazilian moves and music!

I did something else this weekend that will motivate me! I bought a new pair of jeans….like an expensive new pair of jeans! I never splurge when it comes to shopping really. To be honest, my mom gives me a lot of my nice purses and my one pair of expensive nice jeans were given to me by my sister almost ten years ago. (That shows how much I fluctuate in weight!) Since we’ve been doing a lot of washing in the house lately because of the stomach flu, there was a lot of bleach still lingering in the washer when I washed my ONLY expensive and old pair of jeans. Well – long story short, it was damaged. So, while I was walking around the Marina District yesterday, I decided to buy a new pair. I was scared to buy jeans because:

– I was in a nicer brand store so you know their sizes run SMALLER

– I was scared to figure out what size I was. Even though my favorite old pair was 26, it was old, so you know how those things stretch over the years!

So, I tried on a size 26. Which is technically a size 2. Two different people in the store insisted that I could fit in a 0 and that SHOCKED me. (It was also flattering. LOL. Wow, really? A size 0!?) Turns out, the size 0 was too small (as I expected.) My hips have grown too much since birthing two boys  – but the size 2 fit like a glove! I LOVE my new jeans! I want to get a pair in different shades now! (of course, I will have to do this ever so often as they were $120 each!)

Since I’ve been in a little funk lately I REALLY do believe that this helped me get up this morning to workout. I want to be in great shape and feel sexy this summer and I always envision what makes me feel sexy…for me, it’s a pair of great jeans and a tank top. That’s my vision!

This week, I plan on getting back on track with my morning workouts. Since my girlfriend, Andrea, is back in town, it will be easier to be accountable to her on wed, th and fri morning. I also have set other workout date with friends in the evenings – so that helps. RIGHT now, it’s all about setting workout dates with friends! Seriously, that helps your motivation!

out with my sister

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