Mommy Fitness Blog: swimming is my new thing!

August 9, 2011

Yep – it’s hot here in dry Sacramento and I have found that swimming not only cools me, relaxes me and makes my boys happy, but it also makes me healthier! On Saturday I was supposed to workout (for my once-a-week-workout) but didn’t make it for several reasons…

1. The boys took over my morning

2. I woke up late.

3. I stalled because I invited my  husband to go workout with us.

4. When we got there I had a small altercation with him when I felt like he was being rude when he talked to me.

5. I said I didn’t want to workout anymore.

6. He said I used him as an excuse.

AND so…that was it.

we had two parties to attend that day – which means loads of food. One was at a park, which I didn’t mind, BUT it was hectic chasing after the boys CONSTANTLY. We were right next to a lake with a ton of ducks and I felt like I never sat down in the hot sun because I was constantly chasing after one boy or the other.

After the party, we went to my sister’s swimming party – which included alcohol since she is turning 28. I’m not the kind of person who likes to get in bikini’s in front of other people (even though I do all the time) but after watching Christian swim his little heart out and play and run and jump…I thought: “I need to move my butt”

It seems like adults only eat at parties and talk while their kids work up a sweat, running around and playing.

I will be honest.

I get jealous whenever I see someone running outside. I get jealous when I see someone working out or in workout clothes.

Funny that I say that I get ‘jealous’  but I do! I WISH I was that person – just like I wished I were those kids.

So I decided to get my bikini (which I usually keep in my trunk just in case) and I went swimming! I swam laps, I played with the boys and I stayed in there for a good two hours.

That was Saturday…

yesterday was Monday and I swam again!

I really enjoyed it because it really alleviates any pain in my body when I’m in the water and I feel like I’m using muscles I haven’t worked in a long time. I feel it the next day but not in a way where I feel soreness and pain.

My goal is to be more recreational with my fitness since I fail at ‘going to the gym’ type of fitness. Today I performed a lot of lunges and squats at the park while the kids played.

Of course, ideally I would LOVE to get up at 5am and workout but I’m realizing how unrealistic that is more and more. Realistically I can workout as long as I’m with the boys. That means I need to start planning more workouts in the backyard, swimming pool and park.

And honestly…………..having boys IS a workout. I feel like I chase them all the time. They HATE it whenever I sit down. Whenever that’s at a computer, in my bed or on the couch. When I wake each day I literally don’t stop moving for three hours because I am cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, doing laundry, etc.

And guess what…

We are having another BOY.

Yes – we found out yesterday. And dear Lord, may my life be simple until that moment happens because I cannot IMAGINE the hectic life that will arrive with THREE BOYS IN THE HOUSE. Plus, my husband who is a little boy at heart.

I love the ratio though. I don’t mind three boys. I think it’s endearing and I know they will grow up very close.

Have a great week everyone!

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