Mommy Fitness Blog: Sick from Exhaustion

June 28, 2011

I’m sick from exhaustion right now. I’ve been busy every single day – from white water rafting, bowling, a luau pool party, family party, birthdays, meetings, meet ups….my to do list is endless. I’m so tired. Mentally I just feel completely drained. Yesterday my husband went to Yosemite with his girls, which left me with the boys. I dropped them off at my mom’s house for just and hour so I can run errands and go to my carehomes – the boys ended up napping, which left me at home for a few hours BY MYSELF for the first time in months. OMG. It was incredibly peaceful. I fell into a deep, deep sleep and didn’t come out of my coma until 5pm. My throat is very scratchy, my nose is congested and I feel incredible fatigue right now.

This past weekend my mother celebrated her 50th birthday at a hotel downtown. It was a big grand event with over 230 guests. When I looked in the ballroom I was shocked to see how amazing everything looked. It looked better than my own wedding! That day was busy purchasing last minute supplies, fixing hair (I am the hairdresser in the family) and emceeing. (I always emcee events) It was a busy, busy, fun, but busy day. I was a bit frustrated with David’s youngest daughter as she kept running around the exit/entrance doors and behind the stage where the live band was playing. It was embarrassing and astonishing how she doesn’t listen to direction well. We ended up cutting the night short because I told her we would leave the moment I saw her acting unruly again – which of course, she did. So the entire family left the event early. It was a little frustrating because we had the presidential suite and were prepared to stay there until the party ended so we can help clean up and I can gather all the things I needed for tomorrow’s party (my stepdaughter’s birthdays) but I was already at my last straw. I ended up having to go back the next day to collect everything despite all the other errands I had to perform the day of their party.

So – in addition to all these events, I have four kids in our small casa and it’s not THAT bad. I actually told the eldest girl that if she were here, I would take on another job because she’s so helpful.

My workouts have been stale because of my busy-ness – as well as my back injury. I fell on my back the other day while bowling because Christian was about to throw his ball down someone else’s lane so I ran to get him and fell on the slippery surface. No good.

Today I went to my mom-me club and actually worked out for the first time in weeks. Most of the time I just walk around the park and supervise the kids while the other mom’s workout. Today I actually performed some lunges and squats. I would really like to try to get to the gym later…

I made a new fitness calendar that ends when I give birth in December. It was so cute because my stepdaughter’s were helping me and they asked me why I document everything ALL THE TIME. After all, I have a fitness journal, an online journal, a daily planner, a fitness calendar and a diary. I told them that “Progress is made where progress is measured.” I made them repeat that a few times. It’s so important to know where you are constantly… by looking at my calendar, I can tell that I am totally behind. I usually average 3 workouts per week while pregnant. Last week, I could only get one workout in. Now, that’s crazy! This week will be better.

My eating has been 5/10 – I know that it is like that because everything is sorta out of control. With all the events, eating out and no exercise – it all kinda snowballs…and it happens to the best of us!

But the most important thing to do is look forward…to keep making progress and not look at all your current imperfections. Just focus on progress!


almost 15 weeks preggers (3.5 months)

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