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December 10, 2009

I’ve been really efficient lately. I wake up early. I answer emails on a timely basis (depends on which email address you write me). I ‘ve been working out. Running errands. Cleaning house and spending quality time with my family!

I haven’t been too stressed, which is awesome.

My work schedule hasn’t decreased though…I just decided that I won’t procrastinate anymore. One of the things I have a problem with is doing things last minute. For example, I have two articles due today. AND you know what I usually do? I send it in at 11:58pm the day it’s due. ALWAYS. Often, I ask for an extension. I’m the type of person that will show up RIGHT ON TIME. Not 10 minutes earlier – I am predicting my arrival based on how fast I can drive without any red lights or traffic distractions.

BUT that is the mind of the procrastinator. They don’t necessarily want to be overdue…they just expect to be on time granted nothing else happens when they finally put their mind into finishing the task.

SO! I’m sure my editor was shocked when I sent her the articles early this morning. I was shocked and very fulfilled knowing that I completed it yesterday and was just going over grammatical stuff today.

I was also able to workout early yesterday morning. It was great! I finally performed some weight training exercises for my upper body. Even though I haven’t been really gaining any weight, I realize that I cannot take advantage of it. I KNOW that one of the reasons why I recovered so well during my first pregnancy is because I worked out throughout the entire 40 weeks! This time, I’m taking a lot for granted and even becoming lazy. I told myself that while I look great, not working out is going to bite me in the end when I try to rev up my metabolism again to lose the baby weight.

SO – I’m making it a bigger priority to workout on a daily  basis.

I’ve gained exactly 10lbs so far. I am 22 weeks in and by standard I’m right on track. Maybe a pound or two behind…I read forums of other pregnant women at 22 weeks and some have gained anywhere between 10-25 pounds. WOW. The biggest thing I think most pregnant women need to realize that is if you are underweight, you will gain more weight during pregnancy…if you are average weight, you should gain 25-35 pounds…and if you were overweight before you were pregnant you should gain less weight, probably around 15-25.

I also want to mention that you are only taking in 300 calories more a day. That could be a two extra servings of cereal, three slices of bread or half a subway sandwich! You’re not feeding another person, you’re feeding something so small!

On another note: I took measurements today in my middle school fitness program and was astonished to find that all the students had lost a lot of inches. I was a little perturbed because I noticed the scale weight wasn’t going down, but when I did their measurements, it was a totally different story. THAT IS WHY you have to focus on other measurements of progress and not just the pound on the scale.

Test your:

– body fat

– blood pressure

– measurements

– mile time

– resting heart rate

There are so many things you can examine when determining your progress!

I did my measurements today and found that I had gained 6 inches around my tummy and 4 inches around my boobs! They are huge right now! Everything else is mostly the same.

My goal this week is to drink a lot of water, exercise each day for the rest of the week and cut back on sugar!

21 weeks preggers! Taken last week.

Our Christmas 2009 Casler Family picture!

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